Friday, April 3, 2009

I am a good boy. Yes, I am.

Hi there! Yup, It's me again- Munif Aydin. I'm 8 1/2 months now. More brilliant then ever....
Just want to share with you, what i was up to last few days.
New day, new adventure. always being that to me.
I was on a mission the other day.
When kakak (Laiqa) was not looking, I grabbed her Sonia. Sonia is her favourite doll. She sleeps with Sonia, feed her, even bring her for a walk (inside the house) in Sonia's stroller!

When the opportunity knocked, I grabbed Sonia and brought it to the bedroom.
I attacked the hands first, because that's the smallest part.

I chewed her hands, one after another. I wished I have teeth, but chewing would do for now.

Next, I bit the head. It's hard. Not much damage though.

Then, I pulled her clothes. Tried to tear it apart, but I guess I'm not that strong (yet!).

You want to know why I did this?
This is the reason why....

She tried to dress me like a girl!

So next time...think twice before you mess up with me. Mwahhahahhahah

Anyway, I like to tease Laiqa, even if there's no reason.