Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy (belated) New Year 2010

And all of a sudden...I'm here....

I'm okay..actually, I'm better than okay. I guess I'm a lot better than the last time I blogged. Well hell, I'm much, much better.

Enough about my state of mind and physical health.

I'm a 'young' mom of three kids, who are trying very hard, everyday, to juggle between chores and kids.
All the errands in the world vs the kids.
With all the juggling thing that I have to do, I'm starting to fell like a clown. Juggling 5-6balls at a time, while making funny faces to entertain the baby who is always on the move. The kiddos ball never fell, as well as the hubby's (I hope). Chores, work, friends, have to be down lots of times. Sorry.
It's all about priority...priority...
I've choosen my priority..and I'm living with it happily.

My family is always my priority. It's my nest. All of them who are in my nest, will be protected. They will be well feed. They will be assured to get the optimum health. Because they are in my nest. They are what matter most.
So, not come near poking fingers or even leave unwanted verbal response to my nest... I sound like a possesive mom. Well, FYI, I've learnt my lesson.

I hope I'm here (in the blogging world) this time around, to stay. But no promises made.

So, here comes a brand new year (eventhough half month late), with the same ol' me , writting the same ol' blog.

Happy New Year.
Miss all of u...