Friday, April 22, 2011


I wanted to write about something, but I am seriously sleepy. So I will keep this short.

I'm suppose to finish 'spring' cleaning the house. I know, it's very unlikely of me to get it done. Especially with my 'mess-making-machine' aka the littlest muchkins.
I planned to make some macaroons and cakes.
And prepare the ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast scones.

But, I'm very sleepy now. Might as well 'postpone' everything until tomorrow.

Before I shift from this blogosphere to my dreamworld, just a note, that last Wednesday, was my wedding 10th anniversary :D

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friend But Not Friend

This blog must really hate me for abandoning it for years. Anyway I'm always in cyberspace, through Facebook and a few others.
But the thing is, I'm having some issues with my FB friends in my friendlist. Not that they 'disturb' or doing any harmful thing towards me. Problem is, some of them are not doing anything. They never comment your status updates. They neither say hi nor being a friend for benefit ie. farmville neighbour :D. They never say any words of encouragement when we need them. Why are they still in my friend list?
The worst is, when they added us as friend, but they block everything from us, photos, can't write on their walls, etc. As if we want to write there everyday.
I should remove them right away. I don't need lots of 'friend's that are not a friend. But then, here come the guilt. What will they say if I simply remove them?
Argghh..there are surely a lot to think about when you are being nice.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Today, I already have what to blog about. All in my head. But when I walked up to my room (it's where the desktop is), I made a mistake. I stopped by to watch Cougar Town. And 'poof'.. I forgot what I want to talk about.
Anyway, it was a fun-to-watch sitcom. So that forgetfulness is forgiveable. :D
Have a nice day XOXO
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where is Everybody??

Okay, fine. I'm back. But where is everybody?

Where have most of the 'hardcore' blogger gone to? Seems like everyone rarely update their blogs. I guess Facebook have taken away the excitement of blogging & blog reading. Anyway, it is much easier to update Facebook rather than blog. Well, I am one of them too :D. I've been away for years from blogosphere, hybernating away in the FBsphere :D I rarely or may be never bloghopping all those while. If I ever read any blog, it's seems like a hassle to leave comment. While in FB, I just click 'like' to anything that I like.
But still, here I am. Back at this world. The world that I've missed. The world that I can talk my heart out. The world that I can share my thoughts more openly.
And I wouldn't care less if anyone read it or not. :) :) :)


Testing 1..2...3
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hear ye.. Hear ye...


I never thought I would missed blogging this much.
I mean thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. (get it?)

I started to blog since 4years ago (or is it more??) I blogged regularly unless there were things happened that prevented me from blogging.

One day I decided that i should stop blogging since i have been on and off lately. That doesn't do justice to my followers and also to myself. I said to myself, I will blog again when I think I could give full commitment to this.

Hell yes, that time would never come as I will surely have one thing or another to be done. Who doesn't??

But since I 'closed' my blog, my heart never leave the blogland. It's a kind of la la land where i can express whatever I feel, everything that come accross my mind. Life without my blog, have somehow restrict the part of me who feel like sharing. Without realising it, I have been 'talking' (silently of course) to myself of the happenings around me. And how i missed this la la land of mind. Instead of 'talking' to my own self, i could 'talk' to the world through blogs.

And subconciously, here I am, entering this reality cum fantasy land, without me ever planning it.

How it feels good n welcoming once again.

Hope I am here to stay. Just bare with me (if u wished to).