Thursday, December 25, 2008

Huh?? Wrinkle? Aging? What??

I went window shopping the other day and passed by this skin care counter.
I stopped by to ask about their products, since I have time in my hands.
So, the salesperson start to explain and start asking questions, this and that...
After answering a set of questions..she took out a magnifying mirror, where the image is a few times larger and asked me to look at it.
Then she starts pointing at certain areas of my face.

Dry skin (huh?? all this while I thought I have oily skin)
Oily skin (now I have oily skin???)
So, it's like a part of my face is oily, while the rest is dry...hmm...ok...
wrinkles (mmm..what?? well, getting older I guess?? Older?? Mmmm..what? can hardly hear that)
fine lines (ok..this is getting creepy...)
crow's feet (now i have feet at my face!!)
laughing lines (shouldn't all of us have that?? unless you have stroke or something??)
black head (heard this before...but who cares..)
The conclusion...I need an anti-aging skin care plus sunblock to prevent skin tag (??), and two set of cleanser for different part of my face- dry and oily.
And don't forget to stop by their spa for a facial treatment.

And that's in a day of someone that never have a facial treatment all her life. And who could live for days without facial treatment set. And rarely touch a make-up set.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

of pancakes and scones

Today...scones for breakfast.
This is the basic recipe. Can add anything as you like eg. raisins, chocolate chips, dried fruits


* 3 cups all-purpose flour
* 1/2 cup white sugar
* 5 teaspoons baking powder
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1/2 cup butter
* 1 egg, beaten
* milk


-Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Lightly grease a baking sheet.
-In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Cut in butter, until resembles breadcrumbs (the easiest way, is doing this step in a food processor).
-Mix the egg and milk in a small bowl, and stir into flour mixture until moistened.
-Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and knead briefly. Roll dough out into a 1/2 inch thick round. Cut into 8 wedges, and place on the prepared baking sheet.
-Bake 15 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden brown.

Thank you to the creator of this recipe...whoever you are...:)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kids Nowadays

My kids always near me, literally. They never play or do anything outside my eyeview.
But one day, Laiqa was not around when I was watching TV in the living room.

Mummy: Laiqa...where are you?
Laiqa: I'm here, mummy... at your laptop...
Mummy: Hand's off my laptop...what are you doing there anyway?
Laiqa: Playing games..
Mummy: Oh..well..ok..

After 5minutes..

Mummy: Laiqa, what are you doing now? Haven't you finished playing game? Come watch TV with me.
Laiqa: I'm updating the blog.
Mummy: WHAT?? Who's blog are you updating?
Laiqa: Yours.
Mummy: (laughing) ok...

After another 5minutes..

Mummy: Haven't you finished updating my blog?
Laiqa: I'm checking my email now.
Mummy: (laughing non-stop) Who would ever wanna send you emails?
Laiqa: Daddy
Mummy: Ok..

Another 5minutes pass.

Mummy: Laiqa, come here.
Laiqa: I'm playing SUDOKU at your laptop.

I can't help myself but to take a peek.

Yup, she surely is playing SUDOKU!!!

And she did edit a few things in my blog...which i have to correct back. nowadays....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Same But Different

We are the same but yet we are different.

We love to read. Books have a major role in our relationship. It was my first gift to him- a novel by John Grisham. He likes reading novels, but his choices of novels are totally differ from mine. Novels that i read either medical thriller, romance, 'funny' drama, or novels such as Harry Potter or the likes.
While, he reads law, politic, drama, which I find rather heavy for my simple brain.

We love to try all kinds of food. He is rather adventurous. but our choices of food are different. He loves his steak to be medium rare , while mine will always be well-done.

We both are stubborn, and sticking to our ideas, but our ideas are usually different.

If we have to choose a shirt for him, we always choose the same design, but our choice of colours are totally different.

We love surfing the net, but for different reason.

We love the kids but we have different ways of showing it.

There are many other things...anyway,
we are surely is the same, but yet we are different.

p/s AB, may be I sometimes forget to appreciate you enough each day, but my love for you is always strong, through thick and thin.

p/s- sorry for not updating for quite sometime, I was in my 'kampung'. Not in the mood to blog anyway, but, my 'self-proclaimed no 1 fan' has been asking about the updates several times a day...
One entry a day huh?? Hmmmm..I'll try...I'll try (nodding my head, while a baby is crying in my lap, and the 2 kids are fighting over the tv channels, with drinks spilled all over the living room carpet)
life is tough, who says it isn't..but i'll try, i'll try (now I have 2 crying kids- the baby on my lap, and Laiqa who has been force by Umar to watch ben10 with him instead of Dora the Explorer, and the ants start to make its way towards the spill drinks)
One entry a day...aarghhhh...I don't think so...huargghhhh....

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Started my day feeling quite good. Hei..may be i get the correct side of the bed today OR may be that cheering up thingy really does work. (but Ab, I'm still not 100% happy...need constant cheering up :):) a bit demanding huh???...anyway..what hubby is for..hehheheh).

We had chocolate chips pancakes for breakfast. Ummm...loves chocolate chips...i put chocolate everywhere that i can think of. And the kids love pancakes.

Then back to the mission....

I have been 'asked' by a few friends to organize a reunion get-together for our ex-classmates in high school. It's sounds easy. Just gather the contact numbers, give them a call or just text them, arrange the venue and date.

But is not easy as A, B, C.
And why, oh why...I always be the victim to such #@?^%*%# thing??

There were 25people in my class. I manage to trace/get in-touch with only 15.
I went through all this trouble and when i texted, they never reply. When I called, they said, "I don't think I can join." Or, "that venue is quite far from my place" or "that place is not suitable for me" or "can we do at lunch hour instead of dinner" and the winner is "if u can get everybody to come, then i'll come".

Feeling like cancelling the whole thing. But...there are also, a few friends from out of KL, who are willing to book a flight @ drive all the way, guys..let us just go for it.
I believe I have the right to veto this matter...I will decide with my own logical mind (if there is any logic left) on where and when we are going to meet.

To those few who are attending...let us celebrate.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wrong side of the bed...

I think I woke up today at the wrong side of the bed. As if there are many sides to my bed, as the other side are already being occupied. So that would make that I have only one bedside left for me, and why do they always say that 'get out of bed at the wrong side'?? May be that english idiom are meant only for the 'singles'. Or, the wrong side meaning that i have to crawl over the one that is sleeping beside me, and once at the other side, i happen to woke up. Hmmm...doesn't make sense either.
Anyway, my day started pretty bad. Doesn't mean that all the other day i have a wonderful start, it's just, i don't feel good, elated, happy, etc.
But why? I have no idea. So, before i keep on saying ridiculous things in my blog, i shud stop.
Direly need cheering up.
Hopefully, next morning, I get the correct side to get up to.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pink Panther... Pink Ultraman???

I'm here surfing the nothing else matters, while actually I have tonnes of things to do, which I ignored, bcos being here in front of my laptop, is far better than being there..mopping the floor...hahahah...

Munif is taking his afternoon nap. Umar is watching 'ultraman tiga' and Laiqa is pushing her baby doll around the house on the baby's stroller (which her dad bought for her after much persuasion from her, she even collected money that her dad left on the dressing table to buy that).

Then, I heard Umar called Laiqa to come and play ultraman with him...

Umar: laiqa, let's play ultraman
Laiqa: ok
Umar: You are the 'ultraman tiga' ok. And i'll be 'ultraman dyna'. Mummy's cushions are the monster.
Laiqa: ok
Umar: punch the cushions, kick it , until the 'raksasa' dies.

Umar: ok, now your light are blinking...u hv less energy...time to change color... say this 'bertukar'(change) n u'll turn blue.
Laiqa: No, i want to turn pink.
Umar: Cannot, no pink ultraman.
Laiqa: I don't care...I want to be pink...
Umar: Laiqa...this is not a Pink Panther's ultraman...
Laiqa: don't want...

then, suddenly...debishhh....

Laiqa: Mummy......abang hit me...
Mummy: Umar.........
Umar: No, mummy...she doesn't listen to me. Please tell her there's no pink ultraman!!!

And that's in a day of a mom....:):):)

Just have a look at her choice of what to wear...and you expect her to change to blue????

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Choosing A Medical Specialty- part 2

Just a quick glimpse of the previous 'decision tree'.
Well, for a start... I was a medical student. Was I sane back then?
Hmmmm.... I went to cinema at least once a week. I skipped lectures if I hate the lecturer (don't ask me why). I wore man shirt n jeans during my preclinical years. I bought a blue shoes, that I wore with all my outfit. OMG...I was insane...aahhahha..that explains why i don't have any admirers, well, except the 'mat cafe' who tailed me anywhere i go near the cafe. Or the 'brader computer lab' who would secretly searching for my mIRC nickname n buzz me to chat. Or the 'lab brader' who almost fall off his bike because i walked by. Hahhahha.... Not to mention the security guard, or the hostel's despatch, or the bus driver. (my ex-coursemate will laugh rolling on the floor if they ever read this...hope they won't discover my blog...cross fingers). Now I myself found this hillarious... Do I have some kind of aura with these people... Or do I subconciously flirt with them?? hmmm...doubt that. short...i'm crazy...sort of.
So, next is about my attention span...non-existance. Lectures..not more than 45 min. That does not mean that I paid full attention during the full 45min, I didn't, but if anything more than 45min, I'll start to feel like the room is spinning, the lecturer's voice is drifting away and away, the slides make no sense....
Result= Emergency medicine...WHAT THE *#@$?? No way..
At this moment..I rather be baking cakes/cookies, rather than dealing with a life threatening situation. Loosing a cake due to bad recipes or bad technique is far better than loosing a patient.
So...back to the question...where do I fit in, in the decision tree??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Choosing A Medical Specialty - Part 1

This is interesting.
But what about me? Which category do i fall into?


I wanted to update with pictures and everything but...darn my's either has gone 'kaput' or it has a mind of its own as not to gimme the best performance or simply it's time for me to UPGRADE..... (hope that special someone out there heard my shout! hheheh).
Or can I just defragment or do whatever that could be done to make it fast. So slow.....
It took me half an hour just to type the above.
I guess it would took me an hour to upload pictures...
Argghhhhh.....really getting on my nerves....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

You blogged...I blogged...We blogged...

It's 1 am. Umar and Munif is sleeping. Mr AB is painting the living room's wall. Laiqa is accompanying the daddy (daddy's daughter right??) And here I am..after a few days of silence...

I've thought of updating my blog every single day...but it's either i was too busy, or I've typed an entry only to find it to be unappropriate to be posted here (since Umar did read my blog once in a while), or I was running out of idea. Anyway..the thoughts count right...:):):)

I've been blogging...I read all your entries in your blogs everyday... I was always captivated by other peoples' blog. Their choice of topic to blog about, their choice of pictures, etc. Sometimes I think...Why i didn't ever think to blog about that? Why that blog could make a very interesting entry only with a simple thing that occur in their lives? Why that blog is full of facts..that could really help me be a little bit wiser? Why that blog always fascinate me? The list of 'why's will go on and on.
And then... came the next questions...why my blog is not like them?
But then... came the answer...i blog just to express my thought on whatever issues that had been lingering INSIDE MY MIND.
And now the thing inside my mind is saying- 'stop surfing the net and update your blog' and 'you's 1am and you haven't had your shower!'.
So to the shower....

p/s- r my kids really cute...or it's like the above....hahhahahhahah

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008


the tall........(not sure about this yet:))

the dark....(mmm...yup)

the handsome(definitely)

and most sure...
the cheeky, funny &


DOB: 18 July 2008
Birth weight: 3.55kg
Hobbies: making sounds all the time, watching football (may b attracted to the green field), put all his fingers in his mouth (belief me), taking off his mitten.
Likes: playing with papa & abang
Dislikes: sleep (y some babies sleep all the time?? but my baby hate to sleep!), sitting on mummy's lap while she's surfing the net (need to concentrate on him only!)
Favourite food and drinks: milk
Favourite toys: Mr Giraffe (a gift from papa's friend- many thanks :))

p/s - thanks for all the good wishes, the gifts and the thought (thought counts too :))
Thanks a bunch.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Saucy.....More happening.....

At last.....I'm back.....feel like screaming to the top of my lungs. can't describe how glad i am to be back here again, back to my precious blog.
It feels like ages since I last posted anything here. Yup, 8 loooooong months really is ages.
So, have anything in blogspheres changed? Have to start 'discovering' back.
So, many,many things had happened. the sad..... and the happy...

I have a baby boy now...a new fantastic addition to the family.
We've moved out of Ipoh now. No more 'Ipoh mali" :((
And a few more this and that, that have happened. Will update in my next post.
Now.....should visits my old blogger friends' blog....u guys must be missing me....hahhahhaha

Friday, February 29, 2008

Mom oh Mom

I really am grateful receiving this from a good friend...neeza.
I am not that good as a mom...and my blog is not that entertaining.... anyway thanks dear...

Yup..I'm a mom... a not-that-great mom. I am proud being a mom...
As we are in this topic... I would like to share some story, and views...

When I was in medical school...if people ask..when do u want to get married?...I don't answer... I was a bit insecure...the ugly ol' me...I don't think anyone would fall for me...hence marrying me... I was a bit sceptical..
But deep down..well..i think the best age should be before i turn 25 (shhh...I just kept this thought to myself that time).
And I hope that I have my first child by the age of 25, and another after 3 years, and another the next 3 years. Anyway, that's just a thought... I never thought that it ever will become a reality. at that time is not that feminine...rarely wear my 'baju kurung'... never ever thinking of having a on and so forth....
But God's will...when I was Mr AB came into my life... he proposed... and my father gave him a condition..wait until I finish my study.
So...we got married when I was 24 (got that wish right- get marry before 25)
Pregnant with Umar a month later...and he was born on March 2002 (first child when I was 25)
Laiqa was born exactly 3 years later (the spacing was right too...a child after 3years)
And now...pregnant again and Laiqa will get another sibling when she's 3.

I'm enjoying my life as a mom very much. I teach them at home. I even thinking of home-schooling them, but have to put it off, since afraid that they won't know how to interact with people if they keep staying at home.
When they were babies, yup...I successfully breastfed them, exclusively.
I cook for them as often as I can.

And I really, truly enjoying everything about them...
Yup...I get mad...many times, especially with Umar naughtiness and Laiqa's stuborness...but my love for them have never lessen...the love gets more and more each day....

But a bit to be disappoint with them is that, whenever people ask...who's daughter/son u r? They will answer, 'papa's daughter/son'. You know what...the 'mama' is the one who have been taking care of them each day...and they still be the daddy's kid.
Anyway...I know, whenever they are having's mama who they turn too. If they have nightmares, they will call out to mama....If they fall down, it's mama who first come to aid... If they have any enquiries, they ask mama...
But, why, oh, why, the 'papa' always get the popular vote...:):)

Anyway AB, I don't mind. Because u too have done a great job with them...

Last note...i want to forward this TOP MOM BLOG to the lovely and sure is a great mom with a great blog---- Cat Cat

Brotherly love.......

Umar and Laiqa always quarrel.
They yell to each other.
Umar is the naughty one (takes after the father, of course). He will switch off the light when Laiqa’s in a room. He hug her so tight when she doesn’t want to be hug. He kiss her, and she will scream. He even will bite a piece of bun while Laiqa was holding it, before the bun reach her mouth. And many other…those kind of situation.
My house is never quite when they are awake.

But they also have good time together. They help each other.
This is one of those happy moment together…

Umar reading the book to Laiqa. They will lie down next to each other. Umar will do the reading and the elaborating part (he’s best in elaborating things). And Laiqa will asking questions and agreeing.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Very sorry dear friends...

There are so many things happening around me. All only added the many ‘black history’ in my life.
If you think you are facing a difficult position, I’ve been to worse. You won’t believe it. How could someone educated and professional, experienced all this… But I did.
As when I thought life would be better, it jumps back to the deepest pit.

Hope my life will be better. History could change.

At first I have decided to close this blog, as I don’t want to dissapoint you. Coming here each day, and no new entry. I have lots of things to blog about, but I have no internet connections. I missed blogging.

Anyway, after much thought, I’ll keep this blog alive. I’ll be here whenever I have the chance.

Wish me luck. Pray for my better future.
I love all of you…

I might be on and off blogging lately...but it's still in my heart.

p/s- the idea of closing this blog had given my 'biggest' fan a fit. When I have no new entry, I notice him reading my old entries again and again...
This is for u dear.....

Friendly Site Award -II

This really, truly make my day...after my loooong silence from this cyber world...
When I can't update as frequently...I thought I've lost all my blogging friend..., my site has turn into those boring and dull blog who rarely been update...and I think that my blog must has seems like a blog that is there just for being there...not active... a dormant blog...
get what I mean...

Anyway, today, I manage to get online...I bloghopping to all of your blog...and this award from neeza...really cheer things up...
Thanks neeza..u r truly a wonderful friend...many, many thanks...

I want to award this to my dear blogging friends

- Mr Idham -his writing always moved me, interesting, at times serious, and at time funny...thanks to u for being a friend..thanks for ur help...:) (hope this flowery award add some color to ur blog...;P)

- pat -I'm touched with her writing and her go girl...:)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Can You Find In Your Fridge?

These are among the things that you can find in our fridge this afternoon...

Item- egg
Reason to be in the fridge- to maintain its freshness

Item- water
Reason- to have a supply of icy cool drink during hot days

Item- orange juice
Reason- have to be kept in the fridge to prevent spoiling

Item- butter
Reason- no choice, if kept outside, it will melt and spoilt

Item- Elly the Elephant
Reason- according to Laiqa: today is very hot, Elly need to cool down....

Friendly Site Award

This 'Friendly Site Award' is given by the marvellous Sis Hanieliza and drEzura.
This really meant a lot to me.
Thank you very much. Thanks a bunch.......:):):)

I passed this award further to this lovely blogger
- neeza
- another recipent, I'll add later

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nice Matters Award

I've been away for quite sometimes, and by the time I log in to my blog again, i received 2 awards. I never thought of getting any. What a nice thing to get back to...

The first one is 'NICE MATTERS AWARD'.
Given by the wonderful Sis Jun and the thoughtful Sis Ummi....

Thanks, thanks...million thanks...

I spread this lovely award to my dear blogger friends
- HLiza
- Farina (PrincessJournals)

Nadiyah- my niece..

It's more than 2 weeks since I last blog. I've been back bloghopping since yesterday, but did not update. Have to clean the cobwebs and sweep the dust from this blog first...:):):)

For my first entry (after this 2 weeks silence) is dedicated to my niece- Nadiyah.

We went to KL on the 29th January. I brought some cakes for Nadiyah (since she won't be tasting my cakes again until the next 2 years :))

That is suppose to be sunflowers, but my brother said it's 'bunga taik ayam'.
This is vanilla spongy cake with blueberry, and whipped cream.

On the 30th, we sent Nadiyah to KLIA for her flight to Adelaide. ( The flight check-in was at 7.45pm, and she still have to work until 5pm that day)- what a tough boss u have...dah nak pegi pun x dpt cuti..hehhehe

Yes, she's in Adelaide now, to further her studies in Architecture. She seems pretty excited to get there.
But I'm sure she misses home. And we miss your visits too..

Anyway kakak, take great care of yourself.
Study smart.

p/s if u have any problem, just sms me, we can have a chat.
And don't forget to contact my friend over there, she's been waiting for ur call...she won't bite. :)

p/ss- Nadiyah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( early by a few days anyway...) best wishes for you the whole year thru....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jiwang Mood anyone??

In a 'jiwang' and lovey dovey mood...

I love this song since I first heard it during One In A Million I...
(however, this song is about 'unreturn' love...nothing to do with me...)

Begitu berat melangkah…
melihat kau bersamanya
adakah aku yg salah
atau hanya helah saja

ku masih mencintai diri kamu
bila kau menjauh
ku rindu

kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta …

biarpun kau tidak mahu
menerima kasih daku
ku kan setia bersama mu
sehingga ke akhir waktu

ku masih menyayangi diri kamu
bila kau berlalu
ku rindu ..

kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta

kau takkan dapat aku lupakan
kerna kau lah punca cinta kita
mengajar aku erti bahagia
kembalilah ..
terimalah pesan daku
yang akan terus menunggu …

you know which song I'm refering to?...
yup...maha karya cinta (only best sing by Faizal OIAM)
if you feel like's the clip...

p/s= to my darling AB, you don't have to sing me this song...u r not born to be a singer...:):):);p
Anyway, this paragraph is for you
kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta …

p/ss- I won't be home this week...i'll might be away from the blogging, u guys, take care...muahhh...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Me and Umar

I've been neglecting this blog for a while. But I am always here. My heart is here, even me myself. I always online, browsing here and there.
Other than that, busy taking care of this two kids.

I am blessed with Umar and Laiqa.
Umar is still my baby boy. Other than being a 'boy'...a naughty one indeed, he understand what i'm dealing with. He helped a lot. Fetching this and that. Do most of the things by himself. If he sees me look so unwell, he'll get a glass of water for me. He reminds me to take my daily vitamins without fail each day (mr AB must be proud of him- it's the daddy daily duty of reminding me with all the supplement and now he has somebody who take over when he's not at home :p)
If I am taking a nap, he'll come to 'check' once a while.
Yesterday he asked me to pray hard that the baby in my tummy will be a boy.
And today, he said, "mama ur tummy has enlarged. Does that mean the baby is getting bigger? Baby is in the tummy right, but why is your butt getting bigger too?"
I replied, "Asked ur dad".
Isn't it nice being me...:)..if stuck with those kind of questions there's always Mr AB around to take it from there....
p/s-Somebody have requested me to make an optimus prime cake for Umar... Next month ok dear...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Can't Sleep...

What a pregnant mum does when she has trouble sleeping...??

Hello insomnia... Bye Bye good nite sleep...

It's hard for me to get a good nite sleep nowadays. I only managed to sleep well once or maybe twice a week...three times is a bonus..
What should I do during the nidht while the whole household are sound asleep??

1. Try to get some sleep, only end up staring at the ceiling...

2. Bloghopping...only to realise most of you rarely update ur blog. Hey...UPDATE pls...I need some entertainment on my sleepless night.

3. Read articles about pregnancy, which I already knew about anyway. (need to get some magazine or novels)

4. Give a mushy, mushy kiss to the 2 kids. They are still sound asleep even with the kisses.

5. Make a trip to the toilet, without any purpose, only to notice that the toilet need some cleaning later.

6. Eat a few tablespoon of ice cream. Afraid that I'll feel guilty later if eat a whole bowl. (which remind me to buy some more chocolate ice cream later this week).

7. Eat chocolate. Just a tiny miny bits (because already eaten the ice cream...)

8. Watch TV- Thank god astro is available 24 hours, but nothing interesting. Ended up watching National geographic. Getting really smart on how a bison find a mate during mating season...

9. Switching channels, at last, watch a short documentary about horses, end up with teary eyes... Oh my..why am I crying over a horse???

10. Iron Mr AB's work clothes. WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING????? My insomnia must have gotten really bad...

11. Give Mr AB a big hug and kisses, which apparently woke him up from his sleep, rubbed his eyes and asked, 'what r u doing at this hour?'. What else to say...I am not sleepy.
Only to get a great big hug back...:)

pregnancy cartoon

Friday, January 18, 2008

3 Things.........

Tagging time..... :):):)

Neeza tagged me this time...
If I didn't misunderstand the instructions, I have to put up pictures of 3 things that make me happy...

This two never fail to make me happy. Eventhough, they are also the one who make me angry, etc.

Milk chocolate...yummy... especially if it's Cadbury Twirl... couldn't make me happier.

My beloved Mr AB bought me this. Simple and nice...

Anyone interested in doing the tag... Go urself...:)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Food Blog

Well...I've another blog.
Just a quick info about it here.

When I post a recipe here, it's a recipe that I have tried and satisfied with. It's just like a recipe book for me, as some of the recipe, I don't have a hard copy of it.
And I find it rather difficult for me to search certain recipe in between my other postings.
So, I make another blog only for my recipes collection.
nothing fancy just yet, just a basic one.
So, if u r looking for recipes...
go to
I'll try to update it from time to time (with this little time I have :))

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drinks anyone?

Have you ever seen this?
Have you ever drink this?
Do you actually know what that is?

I first seen this a few months back in my in-laws.
I was so 'jakun' over it.
I went to the kitchen and saw my BIL and SIL been pouring drinks from this bottle. I only knew that bottles are used for soy sauce or maybe vinegar.

Well, may be some of you are very familiar with this...but believe it, I am not.

It's a local carbonated drinks.

I asked a lot of questions, it safe?
And while laughing they replied, they have been drinking this for ages....

Have you ever seen this?
Have you ever drink this?
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Green Fingers, Red Fingers......

I'm sure most of us are very familiar with the term 'green fingers'...which I am not.

Anyway...just wanna share what I have in my garden. It is a small garden, not many things can be planted, so, I opt for the useful plants.
These plants are the one that was initially planted at my back garden, but since we're in the process to move to KL soon, I replanted them in pots to bring to KL. I just choose a few that I use a lot, since we rent a small apartment in KL, so couldn't bring all of them.

The 'infamous' curry leaves...'s the 'Pandan' leaves.

'Kucai'...hmmm...anybody knows what we called this in English? Chives?

This is my beloved bird's eye chillies...have to leave this one... I didn't plant this. It grows on its own. Must be from the bird's droppings..:)

Always need this 'daun kesum' for my 'laksa' and 'asam pedas'. BTW, did u notice the lemongrass at the back (right) and aloe vera ( this is very useful for minor burns, etc).


Kaffir lime (limau purut), I have to leave this's quite huge. I planted it in a huge pot.

Lime tree. (also have to leave this)

I need help for this one. This is one of my 'ulam' plant. Have been planting and eating this like forever. Even my mum is not sure what's the name. The only thing that she said that, it's better to eat it in odd numbers everyday. That's what my sis-in-law said too.
Anybody knows? How about you Shook? You must be familiar with all kind of 'ulam'. :):)