Friday, February 29, 2008

Mom oh Mom

I really am grateful receiving this from a good friend...neeza.
I am not that good as a mom...and my blog is not that entertaining.... anyway thanks dear...

Yup..I'm a mom... a not-that-great mom. I am proud being a mom...
As we are in this topic... I would like to share some story, and views...

When I was in medical school...if people ask..when do u want to get married?...I don't answer... I was a bit insecure...the ugly ol' me...I don't think anyone would fall for me...hence marrying me... I was a bit sceptical..
But deep down..well..i think the best age should be before i turn 25 (shhh...I just kept this thought to myself that time).
And I hope that I have my first child by the age of 25, and another after 3 years, and another the next 3 years. Anyway, that's just a thought... I never thought that it ever will become a reality. at that time is not that feminine...rarely wear my 'baju kurung'... never ever thinking of having a on and so forth....
But God's will...when I was Mr AB came into my life... he proposed... and my father gave him a condition..wait until I finish my study.
So...we got married when I was 24 (got that wish right- get marry before 25)
Pregnant with Umar a month later...and he was born on March 2002 (first child when I was 25)
Laiqa was born exactly 3 years later (the spacing was right too...a child after 3years)
And now...pregnant again and Laiqa will get another sibling when she's 3.

I'm enjoying my life as a mom very much. I teach them at home. I even thinking of home-schooling them, but have to put it off, since afraid that they won't know how to interact with people if they keep staying at home.
When they were babies, yup...I successfully breastfed them, exclusively.
I cook for them as often as I can.

And I really, truly enjoying everything about them...
Yup...I get mad...many times, especially with Umar naughtiness and Laiqa's stuborness...but my love for them have never lessen...the love gets more and more each day....

But a bit to be disappoint with them is that, whenever people ask...who's daughter/son u r? They will answer, 'papa's daughter/son'. You know what...the 'mama' is the one who have been taking care of them each day...and they still be the daddy's kid.
Anyway...I know, whenever they are having's mama who they turn too. If they have nightmares, they will call out to mama....If they fall down, it's mama who first come to aid... If they have any enquiries, they ask mama...
But, why, oh, why, the 'papa' always get the popular vote...:):)

Anyway AB, I don't mind. Because u too have done a great job with them...

Last note...i want to forward this TOP MOM BLOG to the lovely and sure is a great mom with a great blog---- Cat Cat

Brotherly love.......

Umar and Laiqa always quarrel.
They yell to each other.
Umar is the naughty one (takes after the father, of course). He will switch off the light when Laiqa’s in a room. He hug her so tight when she doesn’t want to be hug. He kiss her, and she will scream. He even will bite a piece of bun while Laiqa was holding it, before the bun reach her mouth. And many other…those kind of situation.
My house is never quite when they are awake.

But they also have good time together. They help each other.
This is one of those happy moment together…

Umar reading the book to Laiqa. They will lie down next to each other. Umar will do the reading and the elaborating part (he’s best in elaborating things). And Laiqa will asking questions and agreeing.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Very sorry dear friends...

There are so many things happening around me. All only added the many ‘black history’ in my life.
If you think you are facing a difficult position, I’ve been to worse. You won’t believe it. How could someone educated and professional, experienced all this… But I did.
As when I thought life would be better, it jumps back to the deepest pit.

Hope my life will be better. History could change.

At first I have decided to close this blog, as I don’t want to dissapoint you. Coming here each day, and no new entry. I have lots of things to blog about, but I have no internet connections. I missed blogging.

Anyway, after much thought, I’ll keep this blog alive. I’ll be here whenever I have the chance.

Wish me luck. Pray for my better future.
I love all of you…

I might be on and off blogging lately...but it's still in my heart.

p/s- the idea of closing this blog had given my 'biggest' fan a fit. When I have no new entry, I notice him reading my old entries again and again...
This is for u dear.....

Friendly Site Award -II

This really, truly make my day...after my loooong silence from this cyber world...
When I can't update as frequently...I thought I've lost all my blogging friend..., my site has turn into those boring and dull blog who rarely been update...and I think that my blog must has seems like a blog that is there just for being there...not active... a dormant blog...
get what I mean...

Anyway, today, I manage to get online...I bloghopping to all of your blog...and this award from neeza...really cheer things up...
Thanks neeza..u r truly a wonderful friend...many, many thanks...

I want to award this to my dear blogging friends

- Mr Idham -his writing always moved me, interesting, at times serious, and at time funny...thanks to u for being a friend..thanks for ur help...:) (hope this flowery award add some color to ur blog...;P)

- pat -I'm touched with her writing and her go girl...:)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Can You Find In Your Fridge?

These are among the things that you can find in our fridge this afternoon...

Item- egg
Reason to be in the fridge- to maintain its freshness

Item- water
Reason- to have a supply of icy cool drink during hot days

Item- orange juice
Reason- have to be kept in the fridge to prevent spoiling

Item- butter
Reason- no choice, if kept outside, it will melt and spoilt

Item- Elly the Elephant
Reason- according to Laiqa: today is very hot, Elly need to cool down....

Friendly Site Award

This 'Friendly Site Award' is given by the marvellous Sis Hanieliza and drEzura.
This really meant a lot to me.
Thank you very much. Thanks a bunch.......:):):)

I passed this award further to this lovely blogger
- neeza
- another recipent, I'll add later

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nice Matters Award

I've been away for quite sometimes, and by the time I log in to my blog again, i received 2 awards. I never thought of getting any. What a nice thing to get back to...

The first one is 'NICE MATTERS AWARD'.
Given by the wonderful Sis Jun and the thoughtful Sis Ummi....

Thanks, thanks...million thanks...

I spread this lovely award to my dear blogger friends
- HLiza
- Farina (PrincessJournals)

Nadiyah- my niece..

It's more than 2 weeks since I last blog. I've been back bloghopping since yesterday, but did not update. Have to clean the cobwebs and sweep the dust from this blog first...:):):)

For my first entry (after this 2 weeks silence) is dedicated to my niece- Nadiyah.

We went to KL on the 29th January. I brought some cakes for Nadiyah (since she won't be tasting my cakes again until the next 2 years :))

That is suppose to be sunflowers, but my brother said it's 'bunga taik ayam'.
This is vanilla spongy cake with blueberry, and whipped cream.

On the 30th, we sent Nadiyah to KLIA for her flight to Adelaide. ( The flight check-in was at 7.45pm, and she still have to work until 5pm that day)- what a tough boss u have...dah nak pegi pun x dpt cuti..hehhehe

Yes, she's in Adelaide now, to further her studies in Architecture. She seems pretty excited to get there.
But I'm sure she misses home. And we miss your visits too..

Anyway kakak, take great care of yourself.
Study smart.

p/s if u have any problem, just sms me, we can have a chat.
And don't forget to contact my friend over there, she's been waiting for ur call...she won't bite. :)

p/ss- Nadiyah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( early by a few days anyway...) best wishes for you the whole year thru....