Monday, January 28, 2008

Jiwang Mood anyone??

In a 'jiwang' and lovey dovey mood...

I love this song since I first heard it during One In A Million I...
(however, this song is about 'unreturn' love...nothing to do with me...)

Begitu berat melangkah…
melihat kau bersamanya
adakah aku yg salah
atau hanya helah saja

ku masih mencintai diri kamu
bila kau menjauh
ku rindu

kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta …

biarpun kau tidak mahu
menerima kasih daku
ku kan setia bersama mu
sehingga ke akhir waktu

ku masih menyayangi diri kamu
bila kau berlalu
ku rindu ..

kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta

kau takkan dapat aku lupakan
kerna kau lah punca cinta kita
mengajar aku erti bahagia
kembalilah ..
terimalah pesan daku
yang akan terus menunggu …

you know which song I'm refering to?...
yup...maha karya cinta (only best sing by Faizal OIAM)
if you feel like's the clip...

p/s= to my darling AB, you don't have to sing me this song...u r not born to be a singer...:):):);p
Anyway, this paragraph is for you
kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta …

p/ss- I won't be home this week...i'll might be away from the blogging, u guys, take care...muahhh...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Me and Umar

I've been neglecting this blog for a while. But I am always here. My heart is here, even me myself. I always online, browsing here and there.
Other than that, busy taking care of this two kids.

I am blessed with Umar and Laiqa.
Umar is still my baby boy. Other than being a 'boy'...a naughty one indeed, he understand what i'm dealing with. He helped a lot. Fetching this and that. Do most of the things by himself. If he sees me look so unwell, he'll get a glass of water for me. He reminds me to take my daily vitamins without fail each day (mr AB must be proud of him- it's the daddy daily duty of reminding me with all the supplement and now he has somebody who take over when he's not at home :p)
If I am taking a nap, he'll come to 'check' once a while.
Yesterday he asked me to pray hard that the baby in my tummy will be a boy.
And today, he said, "mama ur tummy has enlarged. Does that mean the baby is getting bigger? Baby is in the tummy right, but why is your butt getting bigger too?"
I replied, "Asked ur dad".
Isn't it nice being me...:)..if stuck with those kind of questions there's always Mr AB around to take it from there....
p/s-Somebody have requested me to make an optimus prime cake for Umar... Next month ok dear...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Can't Sleep...

What a pregnant mum does when she has trouble sleeping...??

Hello insomnia... Bye Bye good nite sleep...

It's hard for me to get a good nite sleep nowadays. I only managed to sleep well once or maybe twice a week...three times is a bonus..
What should I do during the nidht while the whole household are sound asleep??

1. Try to get some sleep, only end up staring at the ceiling...

2. Bloghopping...only to realise most of you rarely update ur blog. Hey...UPDATE pls...I need some entertainment on my sleepless night.

3. Read articles about pregnancy, which I already knew about anyway. (need to get some magazine or novels)

4. Give a mushy, mushy kiss to the 2 kids. They are still sound asleep even with the kisses.

5. Make a trip to the toilet, without any purpose, only to notice that the toilet need some cleaning later.

6. Eat a few tablespoon of ice cream. Afraid that I'll feel guilty later if eat a whole bowl. (which remind me to buy some more chocolate ice cream later this week).

7. Eat chocolate. Just a tiny miny bits (because already eaten the ice cream...)

8. Watch TV- Thank god astro is available 24 hours, but nothing interesting. Ended up watching National geographic. Getting really smart on how a bison find a mate during mating season...

9. Switching channels, at last, watch a short documentary about horses, end up with teary eyes... Oh my..why am I crying over a horse???

10. Iron Mr AB's work clothes. WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING????? My insomnia must have gotten really bad...

11. Give Mr AB a big hug and kisses, which apparently woke him up from his sleep, rubbed his eyes and asked, 'what r u doing at this hour?'. What else to say...I am not sleepy.
Only to get a great big hug back...:)

pregnancy cartoon

Friday, January 18, 2008

3 Things.........

Tagging time..... :):):)

Neeza tagged me this time...
If I didn't misunderstand the instructions, I have to put up pictures of 3 things that make me happy...

This two never fail to make me happy. Eventhough, they are also the one who make me angry, etc.

Milk chocolate...yummy... especially if it's Cadbury Twirl... couldn't make me happier.

My beloved Mr AB bought me this. Simple and nice...

Anyone interested in doing the tag... Go urself...:)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Food Blog

Well...I've another blog.
Just a quick info about it here.

When I post a recipe here, it's a recipe that I have tried and satisfied with. It's just like a recipe book for me, as some of the recipe, I don't have a hard copy of it.
And I find it rather difficult for me to search certain recipe in between my other postings.
So, I make another blog only for my recipes collection.
nothing fancy just yet, just a basic one.
So, if u r looking for recipes...
go to
I'll try to update it from time to time (with this little time I have :))

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drinks anyone?

Have you ever seen this?
Have you ever drink this?
Do you actually know what that is?

I first seen this a few months back in my in-laws.
I was so 'jakun' over it.
I went to the kitchen and saw my BIL and SIL been pouring drinks from this bottle. I only knew that bottles are used for soy sauce or maybe vinegar.

Well, may be some of you are very familiar with this...but believe it, I am not.

It's a local carbonated drinks.

I asked a lot of questions, it safe?
And while laughing they replied, they have been drinking this for ages....

Have you ever seen this?
Have you ever drink this?
Do you actually know what that is?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Green Fingers, Red Fingers......

I'm sure most of us are very familiar with the term 'green fingers'...which I am not.

Anyway...just wanna share what I have in my garden. It is a small garden, not many things can be planted, so, I opt for the useful plants.
These plants are the one that was initially planted at my back garden, but since we're in the process to move to KL soon, I replanted them in pots to bring to KL. I just choose a few that I use a lot, since we rent a small apartment in KL, so couldn't bring all of them.

The 'infamous' curry leaves...'s the 'Pandan' leaves.

'Kucai'...hmmm...anybody knows what we called this in English? Chives?

This is my beloved bird's eye chillies...have to leave this one... I didn't plant this. It grows on its own. Must be from the bird's droppings..:)

Always need this 'daun kesum' for my 'laksa' and 'asam pedas'. BTW, did u notice the lemongrass at the back (right) and aloe vera ( this is very useful for minor burns, etc).


Kaffir lime (limau purut), I have to leave this's quite huge. I planted it in a huge pot.

Lime tree. (also have to leave this)

I need help for this one. This is one of my 'ulam' plant. Have been planting and eating this like forever. Even my mum is not sure what's the name. The only thing that she said that, it's better to eat it in odd numbers everyday. That's what my sis-in-law said too.
Anybody knows? How about you Shook? You must be familiar with all kind of 'ulam'. :):)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Bad Match? Or A Bad Luck?

Have you ever tried to matchmake people?
Well I haven't intentionally.
Anyway, just to share a story, or rather my experience about matchmaking.

One fine day ( a start of a fairytale), a friend(guy- lets name him Mr Q), came to us asking for a help to introduce him to some of my friends. He told us that how he envied us(me and my hubby), seing us being happy together, etc, etc, and how he wished to be the same.
So, I said, I'll try. I asked for my friend (Ms.O) permission whether she agrees for me to give Mr Q her number.
To make long story short, Ms O agreed, so they met, and started dating, etc, etc. And started planning of the future.
Yes...seems like a beautiful love story, right...wait til u read the rest.
When Ms.O started to have feeling towards him, he dropped the bombshell. He felt that's it's time to tell the truth. He was married and have a kid. He and his wife was in the process of finalising their divorce.
Ms.O was heartbroken. It was a shock, to her and to me (as I have no idea about it either).
Yup, Ms.O just couldn't accept him...and that's it, there goes the relationship.
I was full of guilt. I felt like it was my fault to cause Ms.O such misery...i introduce them right.
If I knew he was a divorcee, i would have not.
Eventhough this happen more than a year ago, the guilt is still in me. It still lingers in my mind from time to time.
As for Mr.Q, he remain single, he promised than he won't find anybody else to replace Ms.O in these few years time.
And for me...that's it about me being a matchmaker.
Anyway, if you want me to introduce as friends, still can....hahahahha :D

Special Mee Hailam

I cooked this a few months back (remember, I am unable to cook anything this month :)). And since the photo is still in my iPhoto collection, might as well post it here today.
Got the recipe a few years back from an internet site, could not remember which.
Do give it a try. Quite different than the usual dark 'mee hailam'.

1/2 kg yellow mee/ noodle
3 garlic, crushed

2 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp concentrated chicken stock
2 ½ cup water
100 gm beef
100 gm chicken
10 medium-sized prawns
2 squids
1/2 carrot, sliced
1 sawi, cut into inches
4 young corns
5 button mushrooms, sliced
4 bird eyes chillies
1/2 tsp ground white pepper

Saute garlic in 3 tablespoon oil.
Add in cornflour, stir for a while.
Add in water, oyster sauce, chicken stock, let boil.
Then add in beef, chicken, prawns and squids.
Put in salt, sugar, pepper as taste...then vegetables.
After about a minute or two, add noodles in.
Serve immediately.

Friday, January 4, 2008

My Appreciation and Apologies....

I am getting better...I guess. Previous weeks are worse.

I've missed a lot by being sick. Let me list down a few things that I missed or unable to do due to my 'morning sickness'.

1. I missed bloghopping, more than writing my own blog. I missed reading your blog. They are like a morning cup of coffee for me. I always read your blogs... so, I always get dissappointed with blogs that rarely update., update frequently ok...:) (have to remind that to myself too :):))
Whatever stories that u write about is rather captivating. There are boring ones sometimes...but, hey, not all stories are interesting to everyone. But at least I have something to read.
I love reading about life, about creativity, and great food. But I hate politics though...

2. I missed a few friends birthday. I already jot down somewhere in my mind to wish them happy birthday, but when the day came, I forgot.
My fellow blogger- Hliza, sorry it's a late bday wish. If any of my other fellow bloggers who celebrated their bday while i'm away...sorry..i didn't realize...I should have check.
Friends from my Alumni- Lina, sis Ash and sis Dee.
Relative- kak yong
eventhough some of them doesn't read my blog, but I guess, i just mention them anyway.
Happy belated birthday to all of you...

3. I missed a few meetings with my Alumni. Sorry, for being an inactive AJK. :)

4. I've made a note to myself to attend Mr Flush's wedding on the 25 dec. But, sorry, couldn't make it. Congratulations.

5. Sorry if I didn't answer your phonecalls. sometimes I don't even care where my phone is.

6. I wanna thanks my niece, Nadiyah for buying me lunch, cook us dinner while i'm not well, while i was in KL.
I am very lucky to have a niece like you. (but all my other nieces and nephews are good too..but yg lain tu kecik lagi)
She's 23, an architect, and cook delicious meal. (sorry kakak, mak su promo sikit...heheheh)
She SMS me every day without fail asking if I need her to bring anything, every single day. And when I said that I was bored, she would stop by for a chat.

7. I missed wishing some of u Merry Christmas.

Wow, now I feel like I've just received an award.hahahha....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

hi there......

Hei there........

I missed blogging. But I can't help it...I'm not well.
For the pass few weeks, I was in my worst condition. I did miss blogging but, everytime i sat in front of my laptop...I would be nauseus, sick to the pit of my stomach.
I have lots in my mind to blog about...but couldn't make myself to sit here more than a few minutes.

Yes I am sick...sick as sick as u can imagine. And i hate it much. Who like to be sick by the way...

To make things worst, my olfactory nerves (nose) have become hypersensitive...or may be have increase its power by 100fold. I guess mine are more sensitive than dogs who can sense smell from afar.

Cooking-my passion...have to stop. I didn't cook a thing for almost 2months. I can't stand the smell of food being cook, the bread in the oven, especially cinnamon bread is a major no-no.
Don't ever fry anything when i'm near.
Thanks darling for not wearing perfume, and ur favorite deodorant. And thanks for substituting to a non-perfumed deodorant. :)
And major thanks for not using lots of shower gel. One more thanks to you for ditching away your mouth wash... sorry dear...just a temporary measures... ;) ;)
Yup, those sweet smell also could be such enemy to me.
I've changed to sensodyne gum care toothpaste since it's tasteless- don't want to end up vomiting while brushing my teeth.

To sum it all....
Yes, indeed....I am pregnant....


pregnancy cartoon