Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pink Panther... Pink Ultraman???

I'm here surfing the nothing else matters, while actually I have tonnes of things to do, which I ignored, bcos being here in front of my laptop, is far better than being there..mopping the floor...hahahah...

Munif is taking his afternoon nap. Umar is watching 'ultraman tiga' and Laiqa is pushing her baby doll around the house on the baby's stroller (which her dad bought for her after much persuasion from her, she even collected money that her dad left on the dressing table to buy that).

Then, I heard Umar called Laiqa to come and play ultraman with him...

Umar: laiqa, let's play ultraman
Laiqa: ok
Umar: You are the 'ultraman tiga' ok. And i'll be 'ultraman dyna'. Mummy's cushions are the monster.
Laiqa: ok
Umar: punch the cushions, kick it , until the 'raksasa' dies.

Umar: ok, now your light are blinking...u hv less energy...time to change color... say this 'bertukar'(change) n u'll turn blue.
Laiqa: No, i want to turn pink.
Umar: Cannot, no pink ultraman.
Laiqa: I don't care...I want to be pink...
Umar: Laiqa...this is not a Pink Panther's ultraman...
Laiqa: don't want...

then, suddenly...debishhh....

Laiqa: Mummy......abang hit me...
Mummy: Umar.........
Umar: No, mummy...she doesn't listen to me. Please tell her there's no pink ultraman!!!

And that's in a day of a mom....:):):)

Just have a look at her choice of what to wear...and you expect her to change to blue????

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Choosing A Medical Specialty- part 2

Just a quick glimpse of the previous 'decision tree'.
Well, for a start... I was a medical student. Was I sane back then?
Hmmmm.... I went to cinema at least once a week. I skipped lectures if I hate the lecturer (don't ask me why). I wore man shirt n jeans during my preclinical years. I bought a blue shoes, that I wore with all my outfit. OMG...I was insane...aahhahha..that explains why i don't have any admirers, well, except the 'mat cafe' who tailed me anywhere i go near the cafe. Or the 'brader computer lab' who would secretly searching for my mIRC nickname n buzz me to chat. Or the 'lab brader' who almost fall off his bike because i walked by. Hahhahha.... Not to mention the security guard, or the hostel's despatch, or the bus driver. (my ex-coursemate will laugh rolling on the floor if they ever read this...hope they won't discover my blog...cross fingers). Now I myself found this hillarious... Do I have some kind of aura with these people... Or do I subconciously flirt with them?? hmmm...doubt that. short...i'm crazy...sort of.
So, next is about my attention span...non-existance. Lectures..not more than 45 min. That does not mean that I paid full attention during the full 45min, I didn't, but if anything more than 45min, I'll start to feel like the room is spinning, the lecturer's voice is drifting away and away, the slides make no sense....
Result= Emergency medicine...WHAT THE *#@$?? No way..
At this moment..I rather be baking cakes/cookies, rather than dealing with a life threatening situation. Loosing a cake due to bad recipes or bad technique is far better than loosing a patient.
So...back to the question...where do I fit in, in the decision tree??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Choosing A Medical Specialty - Part 1

This is interesting.
But what about me? Which category do i fall into?


I wanted to update with pictures and everything but...darn my's either has gone 'kaput' or it has a mind of its own as not to gimme the best performance or simply it's time for me to UPGRADE..... (hope that special someone out there heard my shout! hheheh).
Or can I just defragment or do whatever that could be done to make it fast. So slow.....
It took me half an hour just to type the above.
I guess it would took me an hour to upload pictures...
Argghhhhh.....really getting on my nerves....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

You blogged...I blogged...We blogged...

It's 1 am. Umar and Munif is sleeping. Mr AB is painting the living room's wall. Laiqa is accompanying the daddy (daddy's daughter right??) And here I am..after a few days of silence...

I've thought of updating my blog every single day...but it's either i was too busy, or I've typed an entry only to find it to be unappropriate to be posted here (since Umar did read my blog once in a while), or I was running out of idea. Anyway..the thoughts count right...:):):)

I've been blogging...I read all your entries in your blogs everyday... I was always captivated by other peoples' blog. Their choice of topic to blog about, their choice of pictures, etc. Sometimes I think...Why i didn't ever think to blog about that? Why that blog could make a very interesting entry only with a simple thing that occur in their lives? Why that blog is full of facts..that could really help me be a little bit wiser? Why that blog always fascinate me? The list of 'why's will go on and on.
And then... came the next questions...why my blog is not like them?
But then... came the answer...i blog just to express my thought on whatever issues that had been lingering INSIDE MY MIND.
And now the thing inside my mind is saying- 'stop surfing the net and update your blog' and 'you's 1am and you haven't had your shower!'.
So to the shower....

p/s- r my kids really cute...or it's like the above....hahhahahhahah

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008


the tall........(not sure about this yet:))

the dark....(mmm...yup)

the handsome(definitely)

and most sure...
the cheeky, funny &


DOB: 18 July 2008
Birth weight: 3.55kg
Hobbies: making sounds all the time, watching football (may b attracted to the green field), put all his fingers in his mouth (belief me), taking off his mitten.
Likes: playing with papa & abang
Dislikes: sleep (y some babies sleep all the time?? but my baby hate to sleep!), sitting on mummy's lap while she's surfing the net (need to concentrate on him only!)
Favourite food and drinks: milk
Favourite toys: Mr Giraffe (a gift from papa's friend- many thanks :))

p/s - thanks for all the good wishes, the gifts and the thought (thought counts too :))
Thanks a bunch.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Saucy.....More happening.....

At last.....I'm back.....feel like screaming to the top of my lungs. can't describe how glad i am to be back here again, back to my precious blog.
It feels like ages since I last posted anything here. Yup, 8 loooooong months really is ages.
So, have anything in blogspheres changed? Have to start 'discovering' back.
So, many,many things had happened. the sad..... and the happy...

I have a baby boy now...a new fantastic addition to the family.
We've moved out of Ipoh now. No more 'Ipoh mali" :((
And a few more this and that, that have happened. Will update in my next post.
Now.....should visits my old blogger friends' blog....u guys must be missing me....hahhahhaha