Monday, January 26, 2009

Read My Tee...

Hi everyone...
I am Munif Aydin. I am 6 months and 10days old.
Everyday is always a brand new day for me, with a brand new things to do, and a brand new stuff to be discovered.
It's just get more exciting each day, with all my newly acquired skills that sometimes ran mama up the wall. It's funny though, I always wonder why mama always looks so worried sometimes when I achieved a new skill, shouldn't she be happy for me. Like the time I try to use her handphone.

She always use her cellphone, and it looks like she's enjoying it, I should give it a try. It's a bit difficult to sit straight and use it, so I just chew it. It doesn't taste that good, hmm.. wonder why mama loves being on the phone. After that day, she always place her phone out of my reach.

Mama loves to read too. She always read while tucking me to bed. I did try to have a go at what she did.

This is as far as I get, only to page 6, then mama saw me, and she screamed and put her magazine away.

It's not that good as well. Taste so bland, it did get stuck in my throat too. I coughed it out, but I think some did manage to get digested. No worries, I am okay. Mama did worry anyway, until papa reassured here that I'll be okay, which I did.

Kakak (Laiqa) is so hardworking. She is either reading or writing all the time. I did try my hands in writing. but kakak would be mad at me, and tell mama about me.

I think she is being jealous, afraid that I'll be smarter than her.

The best thing that I did today is......FACE PAINTING!
I have planned in trying this new art since 2 weeks ago, but it's so difficult to get the paint when I am under mama's supervision. Today, papa babysits me, which make it so easy peasy for me to grab kakak's color pencil and start doing some graphic designs on my face. Initially, I wanted to do a clown face (like the indie group- meet uncle hussein, when they performed during the AJL (I watched it with mama the other day)), but I only found a blue color pencil, so, that would do.
This is me, when mama just caught me red handed.

This is me watching mama telling papa how important it is to watch every step that I make, and not to take an eye off me even for a second.

Do you want to have a closer look??

That's all for today. I'm sure to share with you a lot more things that I will learn.
So people....beware.....


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cute Blogger Award

I have been tagged, yet again..yeay...hehehheh..i do like tags (except if it contains complicated questions).

There are a few rules for this tag. I think this is more like an award, but in advance of receiving it, we have to abide a few rules. (By the way, isn't the famous saying is 'rules are made to be broken' might break a few of those rules though..( i still get the award??)
p/s- i never write in Malay, so I'll translate it to my broken english to be precise...

1. Copy badge '2008 Cute's Blogger Award' and paste it in your blog.

Whoa..I so passed its year 2009 already...hahaha!

2. Tell us who had given you the award.

It has to be the lovely Eiyda, sorry took me sooo long to answer this. Pssst..eiyda, you looks so young, much younger than your age (as if i know how old u r). Anyway, what's your secret?? hehheh..

Back to the tag.

3. Tell us 10 facts about you. (hobbies also count, i guess)

i) likes to cook. loves baking more. if depress, or sad, or even happy, I'll bake. (my next birthday Aid mixer...hehheheh...but..but...AB, didn't u promised me that for giving birth to Munif? Or did my reality and fantasy memories get all jumble up)

ii) loves reading. My hubby is like that too, and also the kids. If we have the last penny, it'll be spent on books. But, even if we have any money, the first thing we will buy is books too.
When i was a kid, I have lots of books. I still remembers, friends will come and borrow books from me, like a library..hahhaha...)
Mmm...After i get to know my Mr. AB, it was a book too that binds our friendship and later sprouts to love. Mr AB, do you still remember that book??

iii) I don't like to be photographed.

iv) always believe that life is full of choices.

v) I don't drink soymilk at all.

vi) I hate milk.

vii) Love to be loved. (is this count??)

viii) I can spend a whole day window shopping. (that's because i have no money to shop..:):) )

ix) Hate routines.

x) I don't like sports or anything to do with it, but I am planning to enrol myself into a dance class. (hmmm..will i look bad doing belly-dance..hahhahahhah), if I have the time to spare, which at this moment, I have none.

4. Have to tag (give award to) another 10 bloggers.

This is difficult since some of my blogger friends hate tags (not like me..huahahhah).
But i do want all of you to receive the awards. So, it's your call dear friends....

5. Don't forget to drop the news to your friends that you have tagged her/him.

I don't need to do this.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How's your driving?

Mr AB sent me an SMS this morning, while he was in the office. The SMS goes like this "How's your driving?" (actually, it's a lot longer, drive carefully, bla, bla, bla, and all the luv u, miss u thingy...hahhahhahhah).
Huh? What? My driving? Well, let me answer it honestly... I am a reckless driver. I zig-zagging through the traffic. I manage to get Umar to school in less than 10minutes. Laiqa and Munif are well-buckled in their seats. They won't tumble around. I am not the 'aunty' who drive at the far left of the road at 20km/h. I wished I could get my hands behind the wheels of that mini cooper. (dream on babe, dream on)
But, I am so lazy to drive. So, AB, if you are free, can you take over sometimes.
And if i get any lazier, we just get him to go by bus. hehhehe... too much of a soccer mum, huh.??

Anyway, I am always pissed off with the 'public' opinion about lady-driver. I think men drive far worst. And they could escape without any juridical.
They could park anyway, anywhere, anyhow, and people just didn't complain. Unless, their car is obstructing the traffic. But if a lady park her car a bit diverted from it's parking lot, they will say...'hmm..lady driver'..
If men drive very slow, everyone, just go pass thru, or may be one or two would give some minor remarks. But if it's a lady, they will say...'lady driver..that's why it's like that'.
If men drive, then make a sudden turn without giving the signal first, it's ok..may be some will swear (if he driving behind that car), but if it's a lady, they will say...'lady driver...'.

People are so prejudice...especially men, when it's concerning that the opposite sex are capable of doing things better than them. Hahaha

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things..... about marriage..

I was surfing the net and came accross this webpage. They asked a few kids about marriage. And this are a few of their answers that I found funny, but very true...(sometimes..) LOL..

How would you make your marriage work?

Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a truck.
Ricky, age 10

-this is so damn funny..

What would you do on a first date that was turning sour?
I’d run home and play dead. The next day I would call all the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in all the dead columns.
Craig, age 9

-if only I could do that

When is it okay to kiss someone?
When they’re rich.
Pam, age 7

-yup, you get that right. hahhahah

What is the right age to get married?
No age is good to get married at. You got to be a fool to get married.
Freddie, age 6 (very wise for his age)

-come on know too much..

p/s- Reiy, pinjam tajuk...:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's not him, It's me...

5 January 2009
Umar's first day at school.
He's very excited, woke up very early in the morning. But his class only starts at 11.30am.

Anyway, it's not about him, it's me. If you are looking for the one who are anxious about this first day of school, it would be me. Yup, me.

Umar was so excited and worry-free. He even refused my request to stay until class is over.
I was so nervous and worried about him. He is a good boy..indeed he is. He is mature, yup, true. And he is sooo like the father. So calm, and never think of the risks. Anyway, what risk does he has to face on his first day at school? That's what Mr AB said, when i tell him about it.
Hello...yeah...he is not facing the BIG risks...but he is just going to be 7 years old, he has never been away from me. He attended preschool only for a few months. And now...

Me : What if he couldn't find his class?
Mr AB: Come on mama, he's a smart boy. How on earth, couldn't he find his own class?? Anyway Umar, if you want to wander around other people classes, it's okay, I did that on my first day, just because of curiosity. (I replied that with a good stare.)

Me : What if he doesn't know what to buy during recess?
Mr AB: Then let he be hungry. He's smart, he could figure that out.

Me : What if he couldn't find his shoes after 'solat'?
Mr AB: He'll get a good smack from me for not looking after his own stuff.

Me :Papa, when u send him to school today, make sure you send him to his class. wait until he enters his class.
Mr AB: Mama, you send him. If I go, I just stop at the gate.

Me :Umar, you study well okay. Make sure you get number 1 in your exam. If you get that, then only I'll let papa buy you PSP. If you can't achieve that, if your dad still buy the PSP, it will be mine until you get better result.
Umar :Mama, if it's yours, can you ask papa to download spiderman's, spongebob's, racing games for you, in your PSP?
Me : If it's mine I will download girlie game.
Mr AB: Umar, this PSP thing, between the two of us okay. We discuss about it later. And no, numbers is not important. You just go, learn and have fun. Anyway mama, have you seen his text book, he knows everything until the last page.
Me : Yea, I know, I taught him all that.

And when I sent him to school today, I walked him until the foyer. Then he queue to the canteen. When he queued, I felt pathetic, felt sad, mmm...touched...well, I'll go with sad. Yup, sad. He is always an active boy, playful, cheerful, and I can't help it, seeing him obediently queueing in a single file, walking slowly towards the canteen. OMG, now I think I should HOMESCHOOL him....

Getting ready to school

All set to go

He's so excited. I was the only parents taking pictures that morning. Well, may be they were others, but not that I am aware of.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sexy Men

What's your definition of sexy men?

So, to those married men, u don't have to be a hunk.

My three gorgeous & sexy men, and the sexiest is the one in black :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

2008...the sorrow...the lost...

2008- nothing sweet, nothing that i want to remember about.
the worst year in my life.
I've been tested, I almost failed.
But I did rise, and hopefully I am getting stronger.

Except for the arrival of Munif Aydin.
He brighten all the misery, cheer up all the sorrow.

My 2008 ended with a lost.
I lost a nephew on the 26dec. A nephew that I have known for 17 years, but i have never taken the opportunity to be closed with. He was a genius in his own way.
To my brother, yup, he went too soon. But there are always 'hikmah' in whatever that happened. We may not be that close lately, we may not talk in a friendly manner, we rarely meet each other. But I feel for your lost. I hope I can say all those comforting words for you the other day, but me too are lost of words.
Be strong.