Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daddy's Closet

2weeks ago was my other half birthday. As usual we can't celebrate it together. He was away, as he usually does.

The kids wanted to get their daddy a birthday present. We discussed and discussed and discussed. They came out with a lot of ideas, ranging from a ball pen, handkerchief, keychains, to a new car.
I tried to encourage them to focus on what does daddy really need. Listen to his grumble & complains. And sticking to our budget (which is not much base on the 'job' that I have now ;) ).

So, we bought him a chest of drawers. :D
He always complain that my stuff crowding his space in our current wardrobe. And how his things get disorganized.
Now, all his small stuff, can go into those drawers. It's very well organized there, he can easily reach for his things every morning, while he rushes to prepare to go to work.

But now, he still complaints! He said his things are 'lonely' inside that chest, and he still has a lot of space. He wants to share the space with me. Wouldn't that create the initial chaos? :s

Anyway AB, we know that you also need a new sunglasses and a wallet. But those are way beyond our budget. The thoughts do counts though.
<3 <3 <3

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Rohaizad said...

Thank you very the very much to all of you..
i love u all sooooo much...
the fact of the matter is all my stuffs can be fit in just a drawer.. hehe