Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nora Elena @ Kasih Yang Suci

I'm never a Malay drama fan. Infact, I'm never a drama fan. I hate the waiting, episode after episode. I hate watching life conflicts, office politics, love triangle, betrayal, etc, etc. I only watch movies- chiclit or romantic comedy. Which will left u in cloud 9 or in fantasy world, feeling good for the rest of the day.
But I do watch TV series- CSI, NCSI, House & Glee. Hmm.. That's about it that I can think of.
Anyway, reason that I talk (or rather, type) about Malay drama, is that, there are a big hoo haa everywhere about ' Nora Elena '. It's the latest Malay drama, that being aired every Monday til Thursday, 7 to 8pm, in TV3.
I don't remember when was the last time I watched a drama, a Malay drama to be specific. But curiosity kills the cat. So before the cat is dead, I rather kills the curiosity first :D
And so... I... googled.
I read the novel.. The last time I read a Malay novel is 20years ago, seriously. Then I start to watch the drama series online. All 24 episodes.

So here is my take on 'Nora Elena', it's the loose adaptation from the novel 'Kasih Yang Suci'.

1- Aaron Aziz is one hot man. But I don't really like the character he potrays in this drama. Seth Tan, from a Malay, Chinese parents, who is a very good mannered man, romantic, patience, bla, bla, bla. Who.. raped a highschool girl 10yrs ago! Huh?? The way he talk, 'mcm ayam berak kapur' (I'll look for the English version of this proverb later). Forlorn, sad. Pathetic 'innocence' looking. It'll be better if he's more cheeky, and smile once in a while.

2- Seth Tan loves Nora so much, and he has to take care of Nora. When asked why, he said, he can't tell the reason yet. And somewhere in the mid episode, he reavealed, or rather Nora found out, because, he raped Nora. So, all his extra 'romantic'ness are justifiable.
So, ladies, don't go around and nag your husband on why he isn't romantic enough. For one, he didn't raped you when you are a teenager.

3- Yvonne. OMG!! She is one f*#king Bi#ch! But I don't blame her that much. Seth Tan is giving her hope, indirectly. He treat her as his best friend. Huh?? Didn't he knows..universal rule (at least in my universe), man & woman can't merely be best friend.

4- The house that Nora lives before she got married, & Malik's bachelor pad- come on, those places are so nice. Can you imagine, someone who works in bookstore, can afford to live in that house, moreover in Setiawangsa! (well, may be it's her parents place- I might have missed that part).

5- Seth Tan is one bad-ass. He 'steals' people's fiancee.

6- that car in that colour looks awesome ;)

7- most of the scene were filmed around my place, but why I never come accross Aaron Aziz??

8- thank God my plus one rarely wear white to office, it's difficult to wash white shirt.

9- FYI, 'life' do start after 10pm. Businessmen like to have business meeting at night, in coffee house, mamak stall, and lounge. Whatever their reasons are. @_@

10- I've realised the reason that made me watched 'Nora Elena'- curiosity and I'm running out of books to read!!!

There you go. :) These are just my two cents opinion, don't be furious if you don't share my thoughts.
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