Thursday, August 2, 2007

Laksa Penang - thank u my Enemy :)

I know many of you love laksa, especially laksa penang.
Same goes with me. I'm a laksa-addict. ('hantu laksa' la kiranya).
Have to have laksa, every month (because it's quite impossible to eat it everyday@every week.
I've posted the recipe about 'laksa kelantan' last time, so this time it's 'laksa Penang'.
I've been making Penang laksa since I was small, but this time i used an authentic recipe from the Penangites herself- my enemy down under- Add. Thanks for the recipe.

Laksa Penang

1 kg laksa

1 kg fresh sardines -cleaned(ikan sardin- org kelate panggil ikan selayang-bukan sardin dlm tin tau)
5 small onions
3-4 tablespoons chilli paste
1 inch dried shrimp paste (belacan)
2 ginger bud (bunga kantan -cut into quarters)
a bunch of daun kesum

-boil sardines for about 10minutes with dried tamarind slice (asam keping) and a pinch of salt
-cool, reserve the water
-deboned/ fleshed the fish
-blend fish flesh with some of stock water until very fine. Pour into a pot.
-blend the bones with the rest of the stock water.Then sift into the pot. Throw the bones away.

-blend the onions, chilli paste and belacan together. Then pour into the prepared pot.

-cook on slow fire.
-add in ginger bud, daun kesum, asam keping and salt.

-let it boil.

-meanwhile- blanch the laksa.

-red chilli
-mint leaves
-hard-boiled egg

-and a tablespoon of petis

p/s- note for Add
- aku x jumpa org jual belacan pulau Aman, aku guna belacan tg dawai. x kick sgt kot. peh tu, nenaih x dak. petis pun x dak. pasai tu la hat aku buat kelmarin x cukup kick. Amacam Add..orait x aku translate??? :)) hehehehheh


mamabear said...

wah.. cam best je laksa penang tu.. ni yg rasa nk balik kampung 'tok penang' ni..
ooo.. selayang tu sardin ye.. :)

CiK BaWaNg said...

takdak petis ke semalam..cik bawang kalo makan laksa penang kompem lebih semangkuk...kalo ade petis kompem lebih 2 mangkuk...muahahahaha

meh la kite jenjalan g umah fullhouse...thehe

Sisbee said...

Looks delicious, would have made it if I knew what Laksa was.

HLiza said...

Tak suka laksa..tak suka..

13may said...

hi doktor....
saya suka makan laksa...tapi takleh makan laksa...nanti sakit urat...sejuk!

flush said...

dulu sy suka sgt laksa..
tp semenjak 4-5 thn ni kena byk pantang.. kalo bersin le sepanjang hari.. "resdunggggg.. aku benci kamooo"..

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Your just cooking and making away. I might try this one day when i can find all the ingredients.

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Monster Mom said...

i mmg rindu sangat with laksa penang and so had to DIM (doitmyself) it.... since fish are so expensive in Canberra I had to use sardines instead. The taste was ok. Hubby and kids loved it. Can't wait to go back this Dec...