Monday, October 1, 2007

Iklan jap....

Due to ‘overwhelming’ response to my entry on the ‘raya cookies’, I have agreed to take in orders for those cookies. Just as a favor for those who haven’t bought any raya cookies and it’s kinda late to make any orders from other ‘cookie-maker’.
But I have to limit the orders.

Cookies that are available:
1. Biskut Sarang Semut

2. Plain Butter Cookies
3. Pineapple Tarts
4. Cornflakes Crunchies

5. Happy Choconut Cookies
- Ground hazelnut mixed with coconut and high-quality imported cocoa powder, sprinkled with chocolate rice

6. My Heart Cookies
- strawberry flavoured with almonds nibs(chopped almonds), topped with red fondant heart

7. Butter Cookies
- a miniature of ‘daisy cookies’ that I made previously
- sugar cookies with royal icing frosting

8. Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies
- Chocolate chips with chopped walnut

• All cookies are packed in a plastic containers.
• Using only high-quality real butter and higi-quality ingredients
• Orders can be made by emailing me at
• Leave your type of cookies, amount, contact details ie. Name, address, contact no.
• Mode of payment – bank-in Maybank account (I’ll give you the details after I’ve confirmed order)

p/s- to those who have ordereds...thanks-work in progress...:):P


pat said...

waduh waduh...sedap nampak cookies akak nie...kalau lah pat pun pandai buat cookies camtu,fuh! cookies pat selalu keras jerr..and tak menarik :P tawar pulak tu!

I Cook4Fun said...

drNo, banykanya you buat. Too bad I jauh sangat kalau tidak I pun nak order jugak :) :)

drNO said...

pat- boleh pat buat... carik recipe yg gerenti jadi...mesti sedap...
tp kena byk trial and error la...:)

Icook4fun- malu la nk amik ur oder...hihhiihih...ur dishes lagi la nmpk sgt2 sedap....

Wawa said...

ah cantiknya kuih.

sayang nak makan lah

goboklama said...

alamak,dah beli pun,next time k :)

drNO said...

wawa- kuih mesti dimakan...

goboklama- ni bukan full-blast nye bisnes...sesajer...:)

Dr Ezura said...

wah drNO...!!! sempat jer u buat bisnes ek...!!!congratsss!!

intankamaruddin said...

ur cookies are georgeous!!

ala kalu nmpk iklan ni awal i wud tempah dah.. temptation.