Monday, November 5, 2007

Uninvited Guest

It was Saturday. The day was not that bright, in fact, it was a wet Saturday...
We were in the living room, when suddenly, there was this squeking sound coming from the sliding door.
That must be a beetle got trapped at the curtain. The sounds so loud, that we thought it came from the inside of the house.
Umar started throwing his toys toward the curtain (being 'brave' he is), and nothing happened. No movement. I swept the curtain aside, then only I saw a rather large paw on the glass panel of the sliding door.
My goodness...there's a large lizard (or is that iguana) anyway, we called it 'biawak'. It's huge ok.
Not the tiny one that I seldom see climbing up trees at my 'kampung'.
The picture a bit blur since the 'biawak' was moving away from our sliding door, towards the gate.

We just sat on the couch watching. The 'biawak' must have seen its own reflection on the glass, that's why its been scratching and making funny noises.
The 'biawak' making a tour in our front garden. (smelling the flower). Can you see the large flower pot near it's tail, and just guess how large it is.

After a while, it walked out the gate, only to turn back after a few minutes 'stop-and-think' outside. It did this a few times too, walked out, then come back. The 'biawak' even pooped as a farewell gift for us.
It left after about an hour or so.
The 'ultraman' of the house was freaking out. Eventhough he did boast to the father when he called later that day.


idham said...

Dr No...:-) hope u r feeling better and recovered from flu...

i takut 'biawak!'. that one is huge....
when i was young....(very very long time ago lah hehehe ) there were chinese contractors working in our kampung - my friends used to hunt for biawak and sold to them. Depa makan - sedap kata mereka!


13may said...

wahahahaha....apsal tak ligan????


drNO said...

idham- it is huge... more than a metre.
at my 'kampung', they hunt them too and sell to the chinese.

n'way, i'm much better now.

drNO said...

13may- kitorg tinggal 3 beranak je time tu kat rmh. kalau yg size biasa tu, berani jugak nk ligan. ni besaq sgt. krg dia pusing balik, ikut masuk rmh...x pasal je...
kitorg dok shoo...shoo..dari dlm rmh, tp dia buat donno je...
baling dgn selipar pun, x berganjak...
Umar lg la teruk, berdiri atas sofa, mcm la boleh masuk rmh... hampeh...

flush said...

masa study kat arau dulu, ada member2 s'wak (kitorg cuti pendek2 bleh kampung, tapi diorg terpaksa tinggal kat kampus) hunt this biawak and they said sedap masak kari.. hahah.. can't imagine laa..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

oh my god!!! besarnya!! more than a metre you say? sheeshhh.. if i see one as huge as that, i'd run inside the house and shut all the windows and probably lock the doors as well! hehehe..

drno, i hope you're feeling much better now. i'm sure those cupcakes did you good! ;)


booGie said...

Biawak tu lapar. Lain kali bagi je makan.

Btw, iguana saya juga baru je hilang bulan puasa lepas.

Sayang tu... dah 7 tahun.

drNO said...

flush- liat kot isi dia...hahahaha...

Aidan's mama & papa- besar. at first I told my hubby thru the phone(bcoz he's not home at that time), dia siap gelakkan sbb takut.
tp lps tgk the photo I captured, he has to agree its huge.
selalu kecik je kan biawak ni. this one is like a fusion of biawak n komodo dragon...hahhaha... dtg dari mana la...

that's what we actually did...shut all the windows n door.

thanks :):)

drNO said...

booGie- lapar?? biawak mkn apa ye? telur kot? ke lalat.
if bagi mkn, terus dia tinggal menetap di situ. terpaksa la I ber'pet' kan komodo dragon...hahhaah..
could that be ur iguana? overeaten due to the long journey to my house...hihiihihi...:D

Mior Azhar said...

Dr No,
Once about two years ago,when I was back at my mom's place kat kampung, I was siiting on the throne in the toilet minding my own business bila tetiba datang this huge biawak (think bigger than this) terjatuh atas myself. Ooooh, I'm still recovering from that traumatic experience.

PrincessJournals said...

omg. takutnya. nasib baik pintu tutup masa tu.imagine kalau dia masuk rumah? errrk!

mama ranggie said...

besarnyer...geli mama tgk...

drNO said...

miorazhar- adoi...terencat bisnes kalau mcm tu...
if it's me, mau pikir 2-3 kali nk pegi that toilet again...

drNO said...

princessjournals- ye la. kalau masuk mcmana la kitorg nk halau keluar, witout the daddy home...

mama ranggie- :)

Cat Cat said...

Alamak drNO... Takutnya tengok biawak gergasi tu... Mau Cath lari minta tolong... No time nak bergambar2 wei...

nadiyah said...

ultraman jumpa raksasa real! apa jd? mana skill fire-memfire? ahah...

drNO said...

catcat- kitorg dlm rmh, so just tgk je la...lama jugak biawak tu ronda2 in our front garden. :)

kakak- ultraman awal2 lari naik atas sofa, padahal biawak tu kat luar...
umar kena ban x boleh tgk ultraman 3 hari sbb memalukan semua ultraman sedunia...hahhah...

drzeze said...

salam to drno,
teringat kisah masa mama tinggal di kuarter JKR di Kelate dulu biawak sekeluarga menghuni atas siling rumah , depa naik ikut corong air.uish!jenuh di halau tak nak pindah.Mungkin depa dah besa duduk di situ sebelum mama pindah lagi(ye la kuarter gomen lama tak berpenghuni).Last last jadi jiran baik...dok atas bumbung.Tapi for those yang tak biasa diaorang ingat rumah tu 'berpenghuni'..memang pun kan.

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