Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cute Blogger Award

I have been tagged, yet again..yeay...hehehheh..i do like tags (except if it contains complicated questions).

There are a few rules for this tag. I think this is more like an award, but in advance of receiving it, we have to abide a few rules. (By the way, isn't the famous saying is 'rules are made to be broken' might break a few of those rules though..( i still get the award??)
p/s- i never write in Malay, so I'll translate it to my broken english to be precise...

1. Copy badge '2008 Cute's Blogger Award' and paste it in your blog.

Whoa..I so passed its year 2009 already...hahaha!

2. Tell us who had given you the award.

It has to be the lovely Eiyda, sorry took me sooo long to answer this. Pssst..eiyda, you looks so young, much younger than your age (as if i know how old u r). Anyway, what's your secret?? hehheh..

Back to the tag.

3. Tell us 10 facts about you. (hobbies also count, i guess)

i) likes to cook. loves baking more. if depress, or sad, or even happy, I'll bake. (my next birthday Aid mixer...hehheheh...but..but...AB, didn't u promised me that for giving birth to Munif? Or did my reality and fantasy memories get all jumble up)

ii) loves reading. My hubby is like that too, and also the kids. If we have the last penny, it'll be spent on books. But, even if we have any money, the first thing we will buy is books too.
When i was a kid, I have lots of books. I still remembers, friends will come and borrow books from me, like a library..hahhaha...)
Mmm...After i get to know my Mr. AB, it was a book too that binds our friendship and later sprouts to love. Mr AB, do you still remember that book??

iii) I don't like to be photographed.

iv) always believe that life is full of choices.

v) I don't drink soymilk at all.

vi) I hate milk.

vii) Love to be loved. (is this count??)

viii) I can spend a whole day window shopping. (that's because i have no money to shop..:):) )

ix) Hate routines.

x) I don't like sports or anything to do with it, but I am planning to enrol myself into a dance class. (hmmm..will i look bad doing belly-dance..hahhahahhah), if I have the time to spare, which at this moment, I have none.

4. Have to tag (give award to) another 10 bloggers.

This is difficult since some of my blogger friends hate tags (not like me..huahahhah).
But i do want all of you to receive the awards. So, it's your call dear friends....

5. Don't forget to drop the news to your friends that you have tagged her/him.

I don't need to do this.


Neeza Shahril said...

if you're like a library, that means you don't charge people for any book right.
I might be another borrower of yours hahaha!!
tapi kan.. I don't like reading that much.. ;)

eiyda said...

drNo..kita ni muda lg..mesti lebih kurang je umur kita kann..eiyda takde apa2 secret..ermm..maybe kuat tido kot..hahaha..

drNo suka baking gak eh..Kitchen Aid is a good choice..go for it doc ;)

Anonymous said...

Its 'The street lawyer'- John Grisham.
Thanks my dear. U blow my hearts with ur simple & sincere gestures of urs.