Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sexy Men

What's your definition of sexy men?

So, to those married men, u don't have to be a hunk.

My three gorgeous & sexy men, and the sexiest is the one in black :)


Lee said...

I might leave this question to those more qualified to recognise a sexy man!

Pp said...

:-)....a sexy man? hehehe

i thought the guy seated to me on a recent long haul flight was sexy...that was until he snored away for the good part of the journey!

drNO said...

lee- brilliant answer...:) hahah

Pp- r u sure u find the guy next to u is sexy? how about ur male neighbour?
may i procede to the next q... do u find women, any women sexy???
sorry, no offence..:):):)

Neeza Shahril said...

exactly!!! I don't go for the look..
I go for the heart :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

I tend to gravitate to men who are slightly chubby. I think they're really sexy ( very nice to hold).

drNO said...

neeza- yup, can't agree more.
the heart that matters.

Aizan- hahhhahh...yup...very nice to cuddle with too *wink* *wink*

TrueMom said...

one lucky 3 gorgeous & sexy men..!!

drNO said...

TrueMom- thank you....:)