Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where is Everybody??

Okay, fine. I'm back. But where is everybody?

Where have most of the 'hardcore' blogger gone to? Seems like everyone rarely update their blogs. I guess Facebook have taken away the excitement of blogging & blog reading. Anyway, it is much easier to update Facebook rather than blog. Well, I am one of them too :D. I've been away for years from blogosphere, hybernating away in the FBsphere :D I rarely or may be never bloghopping all those while. If I ever read any blog, it's seems like a hassle to leave comment. While in FB, I just click 'like' to anything that I like.
But still, here I am. Back at this world. The world that I've missed. The world that I can talk my heart out. The world that I can share my thoughts more openly.
And I wouldn't care less if anyone read it or not. :) :) :)


HLiza said...

Blogging remains special to me since it's where I put all my pics without FB I'm more cautious as most friends know me in person and some still remember me like decades ago even though I've changed a to avoid misunderstanding FB remain very 'baik'..hehe.

m4rilyn said...

welcome back Doc. took me few minutes to figure back who is 'inside my mind''s blog owner :P

drNO said...

HLiza- agree with u. but i actually planning to open a new blog, totally anonymous me. because, it's hard for me to be truly honest here as well. as i might know this blog reader in person too. sometimes it's really frustrating when we want to express something honestly but is hindered by this. In FB, at least I know who read them. eventhough i try to keep private lots of things.

drNO said...

M- blogging is always in my heart. I didn't get to express things this much in fb. blog is more suitable for me, as i am a more expressive person :)