Tuesday, December 12, 2006


BREASTFEEDING- everybody knows about this, but yet most of us misunderstood it.

Why is this happening?? Why are there still women out there hesitate to breastfeed their babies?

Isn't everything that GOD created comes with its purpose and benefit...?
Roughly (from my observation) less than 25% women breastfeed their babies EXCLUSIVELY. Breastfeed exclusively meaning that ur baby only consume breastmilk until 6 months old.

First and foremost...it's not a sin to nurse ur baby... it's ur baby for god sake....

Secondly, breastmilk contains lots of vitamins n minerals that however advance the technology is, formula milk will always comes second in term of nutrition. Babies who nursed don't need any other additional nutrition or even water(up to 4-6months).Another uniqueness of breastmilk is that the nutritional percentage in it, always change according to the babies age n needs.

You also don't need to carry all the stuff that u usually bring with bottle fed babies, ie bottle, steriliser, brush, flask, etc.

If u are a working mom...express ur milk... Lots of gadgets in the market it. Keep it in the freezer, n teach ur maid or the nursery on how to warm the milk n give to ur baby.

U save time, energy and MONEY...just think how much money u saved.

But, whatever it is, u have to be prepared mentally, physically n emotionally. There will be lots of people discouraging u..those that never open their eyes into breastfeeding, those who think breastfeeding is impossible.

I've tried, n successful.

It's the most precious gift u could give to ur little ones...

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sy pun tengah try utk cukupkan 2 tahun.. :)