Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 random things

Hmmm...what should I write about today??
I could just write about anything, but...

May be I should just complete my 'homework'. My niece, Nadiyah has tagged me in facebook. But I think I rather answer the tag here.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

well, let's give it a go

1. I am the youngest of 4 siblings. The only girl, and my 3rd brother is 12 years older than me. However, I am NOT spoilt.

2. I did not miss my teenage years, because I was so ugly then, (as if I am pretty now, it's just I was uglier), with lots of pimples, not popular, and I always make a wrong decision.

3. I love reading so much. The maximum time I could go without a book is a week, then I would go nuts. I start to feel that my brain is becoming inactive and decaying. Reading is like the sun to the plants. If I am out of book to read, I could spend time reading the labels at a shower gel bottle, or the shampoo bottle, or anything that have words on 'em.

4. I love browsing catalogues. Be it, a catalogue from Argos, or Ikea, or whatever it is.

5. I used to have a secret dream (well, not a secret anymore), to own a bookstore. A cozy place, with a homely atmosphere, that everyone can wind-up, reading, with a cup of coffee. But, hey, don't think that is possible anymore. There are always 'Borders' or 'MPH' if you wanna get cozy reading.

6. I used to have pet cats. But have given up the idea of a pet since I have kids. I need my spare time to read, not cleaning some pets poo.

7. I would never ever betray a friendship. And that's a fact, no question ask. And I expect the same from you too.

8. I like baking. If I was given 30 minutes, I would bake a cake rather than folding the clothes!!! I baked my first cake, a chocolate cake, when i was 9years old, alone! with frosting.

9. I am so proud becoming a mother, prouder than the moment I receive my medical degree.

10. I married a Kelantanese, so what's the big deal about it??

11. I studied in 7 schools from 7 years old to 17 years old. I hate the guts of one of it. Even looking at the picture of the school makes me noxious.

12. I am Malaysian. and hoping for a better Malaysia always.

13. I am too lazy to drive, Mr AB is lazy to drive too. But one of us still have to do that, and why it's always me?? Next month, Umar is going to school by bus!

14. I kiss my kids three zillion times a day. The number of kisses they get decrease with the increase of age.

15. I am always in the verge of becoming a slummy mummy, only to be rescued and becoming a yummy mummy. hehheheh *wink*

16. I am really thankful for the invention of washing machine, without it, my life would be worst. If the inventor is still alive, and within reach, I would have baked him some muffins. And also some for the inventor of vacuum cleaner...and steam iron...and food processor...and PDA phone and...

17. I love my laptop. It's an apple. Eventhough it's a rotten apple, I still love it.

18. I like watching CSI very much.

19. I can't make myself to watch the movie 'P.S. I Love You', even after a few attempts. I'll cry buckets only 10minutes after the movie starts. Same goes with the novel. I even skipped pages, but I always end up crying at every page that I read., not the book.

20. If you want to bribe me, get me a good novel and a cafe latte. My weakness which Mr AB is fully aware of, and taking advantage of it.

21. I could send my kid to school or go to mamak stall or do my groceries without taking my shower. Nobody gonna kiss u there... :p (oo'oo, slummy mummy..)

22. I only eat meat...good meat. I hate and would never ever eat any organs from any living species, be it a chicken, a cow, etc.

23. I love chocolates.

24. I am always in jeans/pants and t-shirt/blouse, rather than in baju kurung or skirts. It makes me difficult to walk. Even during my college years, my friends rarely sees me in baju kurung. If I wore one, they would ask..anybody died today?? hahaha

25. I think many people who reads blogs, will skip reading a tag. Hmm....


Lee said...

You did well!
Though #25 is a bit dodgy!

drNO said...

Lee- ok, ok...i've changed #25.... :D
thank you...i did well, indeed. hahaha

Aizan Suhaira said...

I didn't skip!

And come on, all normal people hate their teenage years.

The ugliness! The dilemmas! The angst!

I don't miss them one bit.

I miss school though.

Neeza Shahril said...

hehe.. the last point tu..
I don't really skip you know.. (notice don't really?)

baru teringat, myself pun kena tag jugak di facebook.. kena buatlah ni.. :)

vivavogue said...

i shud really go get tt book P.S. I Love You pronto....haihhhh

HLiza said...

Not bad..I love all the 25 stuffs..maybe I can steal this tag..he he..You're so much like me except that I'm not so in love with baking (but I did make amazing chocolate cake..years ago), I don't marry a Kelantanese (he he obviously), I don't spend much time reading and I LOVE gives me money! I will die without my jeans..

Anonymous said...

To DrNo..
Pls find below comments to all ur 25 random things... hehe sure? :p only work out to my advantage isnt it? Otherwise some punk will take ur heart b4 i found u. hehe
3.i know. dats what attracted me to u in the 1st place. hehe
4. Yup and my little princess hvg that habit too. Anyway im happy. As long as u just 'browsing' the catalogues.
5. why dont u pursue ur dream?
6. Thank god for that.
7. Neither do i. ur the 'bestest' of fren.
8. i like dur baking..
9. i am so proud to have u.
10. Nope, its a big deal. we are different. Cant u tell? haha
11. wow. think dat wot made u alot wiser...
12. Me too.
13. When ru going to drive a long journey trip?
14. how bout my portion??
15. Thanks to me.. who always remind u to take shower. :p
16. How bout the one who gave u all dat? :p
17. yup. hope can still last another millennium.
18. Yes me too.
19. not my cuppa. hehe
20. Say No to Bribe. haha I will always have my way..
21. The fact u dont know.. we always have to cover our nose. hehe
22. yup. ur a picky eater & i dont blame it on kids. :p
23. is dat another headache to me?
24. Yes. wish we have alot more kenduri to go. so i can see u more in baju kurung.
25. ur wrong. I love it.


tulipurple said...

everybody has their own way and unique style kan...
uishh..u only eat meat?
anyway..i'm glad to know someone like u :))

SSQuo said...

Which CSI? The one where David Caruso says the most inane thing while wearing his oh-so-hot sunglasses? lol

U said you married your husband who is Kelnatanese. What is the backstory to this?

l i e y n said...

hehehhe...i read all the 25 things ok!!!

no3. u r really a reading freak!
no6. I agree, i hate dirty cats!
no10. what about that?
no 18. me too...

mr AB really loves u!!!kan kan?

drNO said...

Aizan- yup, right. I missed school too.

Neeza- see what I mean. Don't really skip- sometime's we still do. hahhah

drNO said...

vivavogue- ahahha..if u r here, may be I could u mine....

HLiza- jeans are so universal and can mix and match with almost anything...and..pssst..I rarely wash my fav jeans...hehheheh

drNO said...

AB- I like all your answers, except #17...what??? the rotten apple has to last for another millenium??? come'on...get me a new one...
no la darling, it's good enuf for me, as long as it didn't go 'kaput'.
u always get your kisses. what's more are you asking?? :p

tulipurple- no...I eat almost everything, but when it comes to meat, i only eat the good meat, not the organs ie. liver, lungs, toungue, eyes, brain, etc. heheheh

drNO said...

SSQuo- I love all of the CSI. but love the new york more, because there's the hot cop, Detective Don Flack. ooooo....
I answer the question about Kelantanese, in my next entry.

lieyn- I guess now, after 3 kids and almost 8years of marriage, he has no more choice but to love me...hahhahhaha....


hi drNo,

before i could finish reading the comments from anonymous..i can already guess that its from your both sound like a really loving couple..