Sunday, February 22, 2009

I married a Kelantanese, so...

I married a Kelantanese, it's not a big deal.

That's my statement in my last entry, which has raised some questions. (including the one from SSQuo and lieyn )

Well, that's my point exactly- there is NO big deal about it. It is as normal as can be. It is not like I married a foreigner or something that make it so out of ordinary (anyway, marrying a foreigner is not 'extraordinary' to us, however it is, for some of the 'makcik2' and 'pakcik2'(aunties and uncles) here, especially in my 'kampung').

However, my Mr AB, doesn't (or I rather said, never) think that they are ordinary or plain. Nothing is plain about the Kelantanese. They think they are so special, above average, with the 'always right and never wrong' kinda attitude. At least that is what Mr AB claimed them to be. 100% agreed by his brothers and cousins, and fellow Kelantanese friends that I have met. For the men especially, rather than the women.

Let me brief you a bit about Kelantan.
Please correct me if I am wrong, as me myself is not a Kelantanese, and I am sure some of you are.
Kelantan is one of the state in Malaysia. It's in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Kelantan is famous with it's people- the Kelantanese. They have a certain kind of aura, wherever they go. They are very nice people indeed (hahaha..have to say this, if not Mr AB will be mad at me). They are so close in their own proximity, ie. among fellow Kelantanese. Even if they never meet each other before, they could be the bestest of friends regardless of age, work status, or anything, once they say 'hi'.

However, they can also be too 'racism' or according to Mr AB, the 'togetherness' among fellow Kelantanese. They help each other to such an extent. Do not messed up with a Kelantanese. You create trouble with one of them, the whole clan will come and smack you for that.

The Kelantanese also have the tendency to marry fellow Kelantanese. It is like that, long long time ago, but I guess some of them have 'evolve'. Many does not, but I'm sure the original aunty from there, would prefer a Kelantanese daughter-in-law. This what makes me different in Mr AB's family. When we got married, I was the only non-Kelantanese in his extended family. It's a bit weird though. But thank God, my MIL, was so sporting. She didn't mind about it at all. However, I sometimes did have trouble understanding what they are saying.

Malaysian are fully aware of this, as the Kelantanese manage to create some kind of stigma about themselves.

I did google about it, and this is what came out in Wikipedia. I think those paragraph really describe them well.

Kelantan Malays consider themselves an unusual breed. Kelantan Malays also note differences between themselves and the Malays of other states.

Kelantanese Malay dialect is distinguished from standard Malay as well as other Malay dialects by its unique grammar, pronunciation and figures of speech.

So, I hope that answers all the questions that arised. Anymore questions? You are free to ask. May be I get the Kelantanese guy himself to answer them for you. Or if you are one of them (HAHA 'one of them'- sounds like you guys are some alien freak from another world) you might want to express your opinion as well.

p.s- sorry if you did not agree with any of the content of this entry, or any of it offended you. I do not want to raise any issue here. Just my humble two cents opinion.


HLiza said...

I did avoid getting involved in any of their men those days because of this.

Aizan Suhaira said...

When I was in Uni I had this really huge crush on a guy. He was really cute and his butt was unbelievably sexy everytime he wears he Palapes Navy uniform on Mondays.

One day it so happens we were groupmates for a project. He opens his mouth and s string of Kelantan-accented sentences flew out.

I wrote him off right there and then. I got over my crush in 10 seconds flat.

tulipurple said...

kui kui...interesting topic,berani u ek..patutlah mrAB sayang dia!
i once got a same experience like Aizan also...and used to hv a modern-kelantaneese bf.after all,tepuk dada tanya selera or perhaps the right way..tepuk dada tanya iman :)

DaNaSh said...

As salam..I do agree with what you have written...back in uni I did not like them that much because of what I saw and hear..but then bila dah start kerja, I was suddenly surrounded by them . I decided to open up - don't judge a book by its cover kononnye..and surprise surprise, once I got to know them I like them...I guess sometimes perception does not necessarily convey the truth..

Neeza Shahril said...

kelantese guys are adorable.. you forgot to mention that hehee..
myself.. am proud to admit I'm a kelantese walaupun lahir di pahang. lahir aje.. besar di kelantan masa kecik since my ayah is kelantanese..

semalam pergi embassy, borak dengan encik embassy secretary tu.. dapat tahu dia sekampung dengan my ayah.. alahai.. seronoknye la.. biasa la kan.. kelantan jumpa kelantan memang excited habis.. ;) walaupun kami tak kenal each other pun.. bapak2 kami tak tahu la pulak. Ayah dia askar. Ayah Neeza kerja luar kelantan sebab orang kelantan suka merantau :)

noniey alias said...

if i'm not mistaken, kelantanese anti orang nogori or melaka..

if u're in trouble to understand what they're talking about, just listen and sometimes say just like my sister did to her MIL.. hehehee.. very funny..

Anonymous said...

I'm born at kelantan but grow at KL.I agree with u when u say that Kelantanese have certain kind of aura, wherever they go.It's totally right because it's always happen to me.When I meet people from Kelantan at anywhere.Then,I talk to them that I'm also from kelantan.Automatically,
they will be my fren.

drNO said...

HLiza- my parents like the Kelantanese. we used to go to Kelantan almost once a month (my dad always have to go for meetings there, when he was still in the workforce).
So, I don't really avoid them.
anyway, yes, many did.

Aizan- there are many cute guys there, unbelieveably. n with nice back, very true. hahhah
Mine are, at least in my eyes. hahhahah
I think finding one that is 'modernised', open-minded, etc is like finding a needle in a haystack. I managed to find one (or rather he found me). I don't see Mr AB as the typical Kelantanese guy. Lucky me. :)

drNO said...

tulipurple- hahhahah... masa mula kenal Mr AB pun, x tau gak dia Kelantanese, he's different from the rest of them yg kita slalu jumpa kt Uni tu.
Anyway, we can't avoid them, they are everywhere.

DaNaSh- As a matter of fact, they are more friendly than the rest of us. They can easily be good friend in no time. I have lots of Kelantan friends too, even before I met Mr AB.

drNO said...

Neeza- yelah, forget to mention that.
They are so adorable and romantic. hahhahah.. at least my Mr AB are. hehehhe
memang betul tu neeza, kalau jumpa sesama kelantan tu, terus mcm dh kenal lama. ramai yg ramah2 kan.

noniey- masa kt uni ada ramai kwn2 kelantan, so dh biasa dgr ckp kelantan, tp lps kawin, family Mr AB, ckp pekat tul, mmg x brp nk phm. kdg2 buat malu je, kita dok huh? huh?

drNO said...

Anonymous- yup, you see what I mean. they can get really friendly.

Anonymous said...

part kelantanese men tuh i hafta accede....i sometimes feel they think the r greater than their female counterparts...nyampah!

but i hv many female kelantanese frens....they all rawks...hahahaha

domestic engineer said...

From what I heard or read about them or befriended they themselves, I can't agree more with you. Anyway, tak mo comment banyak2 bcoz my hubby is orang Negori. :-)

Pp said...

:-) ambo oghe kelatae jugok. hahaha

memang byk aura...ada juga auta...kadang2 ada auna! hahaha
tanya Mr AB apa maksud Auna!


inahar ali said...

drno...akak owg johor tapi ada darah kelantan gak sbb my mom..toknenek nye berasal dr kelantan..keturunan nik nik seme tu! so mmg kelantan ni quite dear to my heart..hehe..lgpun belajar dulu pun kt usm k.kerian..bnyk kenangan kt sana..really true owg kelantan ni mmg cun2 woo esp area pasir mas sana..

SSQuo said...

Very interesting to me as a non-Malaysian. I think this is universal though, there are such groups or types of people that people tend to stay away from for some reason, either in large nos. or even with sub cultures. Sometimes its just heresay and one has to be open enough to experience it directly before making any judgements.

Thanks for sharing this DrNo. I appreciate you giving us some more insight.

flush said...

actually u r married to foreigners.. because only kelantan use riyal instead of ringgit.. heheeh, no offence to kelantense.. jokes for a boring morning..

ps: ambo syg tuan guru..

Zek Zek said...

Salam DrNO...

I punya hsmate dulu mmg dari awal dia mmg cakap tak nak orang last jodohnyer orang kelantan

orang kelate ni comey2 jugok. Putih putih belako

drNO said...

vivavouge- yup, some of them are like that. Most of my friends during college, are from Kelantan too, but they are okay.

domestic engineer- thanks for agreeing. hehhehehhe

drNO said...

Pp- demo oghe kelate ko?

dah tanya AB, dia kata- honey, u la banyak auna.

inahar- sis, oo dulu husm yek. best la dok kelate ye. mkn yg best kt sana. Mr AB kita oghe pasir puteh. mmg ramai yg come

drNO said...

SSQuo- it's true. We can't just follow others perception, when its about people, we have to be open enough, to see through, and then judge them truthfully, rather than just looking at the big picture.
No prob. Glad you find the info useful.

flush- itu la pasal. mcm kawin foreigner ada jugak. especially bila time blk kampung, susah jugak nk blend in dgn org2 sana.

drNO said...

ZekZek- meme ghama yg comey. betul ke saya punya bahasa ni. hahahhaha...Mr AB x ajar, dia kecek omputeh jah di ghumah. hahhahahhah
sis ZekZek, mmg slalu mcm tu kan, yg x nak sgt tu la yg dpt, jodoh, asalkan bahagia. tp, saya x penah lak x suka, neutral je.

l i e y n said...

x sume org kelantan yg typical...
saya ramai kawan kelantan. diaorg ok...ngan kita ckp biasa tp yg kelakarnya bila je jumpa org kampung terus boleh retune dialek!
memang lawak!

ZahirMD said...

wut is it?
dun really like them...sory...
really racism to me...

Anonymous said...

Being a Kelantanese myself, I don't deny that Kelantanese tend to stick to their own clique. There are many reasons for why this is happening:

- Sometimes we find it hard to get along with other Malaysians as they tend to already have a bad perception about us. This is really not our fault :p

- Sense of security. We tend to trust our Kelantanese friends better. This is what we call "gu tok make gu".

- Language barrier. This might sound crazy, but I know some Kelantanese aren't too keen to talk to non-Kelantanese because they are afraid they will make a fool of themselves when trying to speak in normal Malay.

About Kelantanese women, they have an important role in our culture... They are very good at doing business and managing money. Just visit Pasar Siti Khadijah and you'll notice this!

Adan.DaQuaint.Devil said...

A friend of mine, a Chinese in Kelantan, always recognise the Non-Kelantanese Chinese as "Chinese" whereas he calls himself a "Kelantanese"... Hehe~ There's the spirit.

Christabel Leong said...

Hi, thank you for your post. Currently I'm doing a documentary about kelantanese chinese.It wil mean a lot to me if you can do an interview with me.i would appreciate a lot if i can get a reply from you. Thank you so much.

wenda nicky said...
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