Thursday, February 5, 2009

How was your day?

I am losing my touch.
I am losing my sanity.


This morning's dishes are still in the sink.
Clothes from 2 days ago haven't been folded.
There's another batch of clothes in the washing machine, need to be hang.
Dust are collecting everywhere, need to vacuum the place.
Need to take the garbage out.
Shirts to be iron.
Kitchen to be cleaned.
Floors to be mop because the baby will crawl everywhere.
Need to scrub the bathroom floor.
Have to change the bedsheets.
The dressing table is in a big mess.
The study room have books and toys all over the floor, can hardly find a space to step.
Need to make a trip to the hypermarket for some groceries shopping.
The eldest is having problem with his homework. The girl is asking questions non-stop, and making a BIG mess with all her books and stationeries.
The baby will cry if left alone in his playpen, even for 30 seconds.
The kids will bang on the bathroom door everytime I am trying to have a bath. The eldest and the girl will quarrel from the start of the day til bedtime.
Mr AB misses home-cooked meal, pity him, I can hardly find the time to cook.
Sleep-deprived for years.
Time alone...what's that??
I am so missing the blogging world.....
I need a break.....

And I am drinking COKE at 3am...and NO, it's not NORMAL!

How was your day?


SSQuo said...

I am tired reading this post! Phew.

You need a vacation away from the kids, if even for a few days where you just sleep and rejuvenate. If I was closer I would volunteer to babysit. :)

My day was ok, better than yday and monday. Work was stressful last two days. today I think I have it in me to cook, after a longgg time. Let's see if it actually happens.

Lee said...


noniey alias said...

penat nyer bila baca. kalau saya, confirm tak nampak cam manusia dah. huhuhuu..

me so far ok. keje tak banyak hanya mengajar. anak pun sorang je.

Ms.D said...


i'm tired reading through it!

hehehe no worries're supermom! and may u get all the strength throughout the daysss

my day...hmmmm oh well, i'm tired with my monotonous life...need a change somewhere!..hehehe

m4rilyn said...

panjangnyer list keje rumah nak kne buat...SCARRY

anyway..cheer up Doc

Anonymous said...


n ppl think being a SAHM is a walk in the park.....

u already hv a checklist here...gudluck working on them!

Azian hasan said...


Dulu saya pun macam tu, masa anak kecil memang macam tu. Jangan tension sangat. Upah cleaner datang sekali atau dua kali seminggu, habis cerita. Nanti boleh concentrate jaga anak saja.

Take care

flush said...

yes correct mr/ms ssquo.. u need a long trip vacation.. pangkor?? hehe.. y? sbb dkt dgn rumah saya.. and i can give munif present without post it to you.. hehe

HLiza said...

Did I type all these? Sounds very much like my story..

Aizan Suhaira said...

Well my dear, we all have days like these. Don't think about all the chores that needs to be done. It'll just stress you out.

Me? I just pay the cleaners to clean up my house. Perhaps you might want to do the same. Just this once.

There are cleaners who charge by the hour now.

domestic engineer said...

Salam drNO, household chores is a never ending story...Don't waste time thinking, it will only cause you a headache. Just grab whatever you can, good enough rather than worrying away. Having little kids, sorry no long good uninterrupted sleep. That we have to accept. Having a maid or part-time helper can help. You need to find time for yourself. :-)

Neeza Shahril said...

I'm tired.. after a very long of joyful day. Alhamdulillah...

tulipurple said...

alahai siannye u,my dear.i pun biasa lalui the same situation,partly.well,itulah cabaran as a home diva kan....insyaAllah,semenye ada penyelesaian...take care,dear.

p/s:lenkali nak minum coke ajak i sekali k... :)

silversarina said...

Akak baca yang letih, memang nak kena rehat jugak, kalau buat semua yang patut dibuat memang pengsan ...semua akak dah lalui masa anak2 masih kecil dan masa tu kerja , bila dah jadi full-time housewife masih jugak belum sempurna kerja2 rumah, buatlah ikut our own pace and space... take care , have a nice weekend !

eiyda said...

hehhee..eiyda rasa jadi full time housewife ni lagi penat sbb sampai ke malam kita masih sibuk menyiapkan kerja2 yg tak pernah habis kann..eiyda pun ada baby..tido mlm memang tak leh lari dah..mesti tak nyenyak..cara yg terbaik buat jer mana2 yg termampu..jangan beratkan fikiran rungsing2..masa weekend keluar la sekali sekala enjoy utk release tension..;)

drNO said...

SSQuo- yup, agree with u. I sumtimes think that i do need time alone. But I rather attach to them too.
My lost :( that I am not ur neighbour...
So, did u cook the other day?

Lee- I am very sure it's different.

drNO said...

noniey- mmg penat. mmg x brp nmpk mcm manusia dah..

ms. D- I wished I am a supermom. Thank you, thank you... I do need those strenght.
Yup, I always get bored with monotonous things too. Need to do something to liven it up.

drNO said...

m4rilyn- enjoy single life while u can.
I'm trying to cheer up. Trying hard...:)

vivavogue- a'ha...indeed, ppl think being SAHM is a walk in the park. I'm repeating it to stress it up to those people who don't know...:):):)

drNO said...

sis azian- la kan..nk upah cleaner jugak la nanti.

flush- huhuuhuh.. I need a vacation!!!
btw, thanks a bunch for the gift. Munif loves it.

drNO said...

HLiza- we are in the same boat!! huaargghhhh...

Aizan- it really stress me out. thinking about it already draining my energy.

drNO said...

domestic engineer- yup, i guess so, have to accept it. just do whatever that can be done. tp kan...asyik sepah je la rumah...huahhahahha...malu nk invite org dtg.....:((

neezza- me tired too... :(

drNO said...

tulipurple- thanks. orait, lenkali nk minum coke, kita calling2 dulu...hehhehe

silversarina- sis, thanks a lot.

eyida- betul tu, lagi busy sebenarnya.