Sunday, May 10, 2009


At looong last...I'm back typing entry in my blog.
I was around. I bloghopped, but not as much.

Life has been busy. With the little baby started taking his few steps a month ago, life has been busier. The baby seems too happy with his two feet, and he had been using em to his advantage. venturing to new territories, discovering a whole new world. And so much for the 'mama's disdain, the result of the new adventure were, broken pots, clothes been pull out from the cabinet. plates and containers that were originally nicely kept in the kitchen cabinet, had been 'rearranged' all over the kitchen floor. And we can't leave the sliding door to the balcony open, he will sure makes his way out. Not to mention, the books from the racks, and the bathroom.

So many things happened in my life for the past month.
Celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary on the 21st April, then the hubby's birthday the next 3 days.
There were also the ups and downs, and etc, etc.

Let me share something about my anniversary.

Mr AB got back from India (or is it Japan??) a week before the day. He had everything plan- a weekend in Cherating, Pahang. Then get back to KL for a romantic dinner in KL Tower.
But what really happened were, the resort in Cherating were full, so we headed down to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan instead. The Water Chalet was magnificent, with see-through glass on the floor, open shower, a big tub, etc. The kids were excited looking at the water below, eventhough it's a bit murky. And they would yelled when airplanes flew by, everytime they were in the shower.
The next day, it rain heavily. We can't even get out of the place (we need to walk quite a distance from the water chalet to the carpark). Then the car broke down in the hotel's carpark. Well, it was not broke down in a way, it's the key, it snapped inside the keyhole, and nothing could be done by the local mechanics. (that's a con point for using a digital European car). So, we got back to KL in the hotel's cab. And Mr AB, went back to PD to sort the thing out. And there goes the anniversary night.

Anyway, it was great. I have a lovely time, plus the misadventure. Some misadventure won't hurt the day. As long as i don't have to be stranded, camping somewhere where there's no proper toilet, and piping system...pheewww... (Have i ever told u, i never like camping).

And on the 24th April, was Mr AB's birthday. He was in India. So, it never was any celebration or anything. Bad, bad me for not planning anything when he got back. But bought him present, and cards.

Then there's mother's day, today. Mr AB is in Korea. But he texted me early in the morning wishing 'happy mother's day'.

This may look like an ordinary, cheap pen to all of you. But this pen had touched my heart so much.

On Friday, as usual, I picked Umar from school. As he walked towards the car, he shouted, 'Happy Mother's Day' to me. But what makes it so special, he gave me this pen as the gift. The thing that makes it extra, extra special, was that, he had been collecting his pocket money this week to buy me gift. After he gave me the pen, I asked him everything. He planned to collect RM4 this week for my gift. He wanted to buy a more expensive pen, a wrapping paper and glue. But the morning before I sent him to school, I have asked him to leave all the money at home and just bring rm1, because, you never know, he might just lost them. So, he said, he's a bit disappointed not being able to wrap it properly.

Umar, I don't mind. Your thoughts and you being a great son, is enough for me.
You are so precious to me. I love you so much.

And to all of the mothers out there...Happy Mother's Day...


HLiza said...

That's Avillion, right? Happy Mother's Day to a hot mama..from a hot mama here too! He he..I've been busy too.

Saya said...

alaaa...sweetnye Umar..

Aizan Suhaira said...

Umar's such a sweet boy :)

I'm sorry the PD trip turned out to be quite an... umm.. adventure.

But I'm sure you'll look back at those moments and can't help but think how hysteric it all was.

Shadowthorne said...

I am sorry.... but the car key SNAPPED inside the ignition drive?
Wow. Such a strong husband you have there dear. :)

What car are you driving? (It's a guy thing)

And glad you are back, been missing you. *sniff*

Flea said...

That is the most beautiful story of your boy buying his mama a pen!!
Happy Mother's day, glad you are back at blogging again.

Azian hasan said...

How very true, we don't need anything expensive from our kids. That pen from Umar was soooo touching. (just like my cards from my daughters)

drNO said...

HLiza- it's Legend. Yup, notice that u r busy. u r a great mum. I'm sure of it. Happy mother's day to u.

Saya- Umar mmg pandai amik hati. He's a charmer.

drNO said...

Aizan- yup. But we had great fun. It was not that bad. But it's bad enough for the hubby I guessed because he had to run here n there to sort matter out. while i was just leisuring in the hotel room, n then the cab ride home.

Shadowthorne- yup, snapped in the ignition, in smalltown PD.
heiy...I miss u guys too..

drNO said...

Flea- thanks. You've been busy too it seems. how's work n ur boy? I might have missed a lot. need to 'backread' ur entries. miss blogging and all of u :)

Azian- I am sure u hv a wonderful mother's day. With such wonderful girls, u r lucky.

l i e y n said...

after a long silence...welcome back!
happy anniversary...
happy belated birthday to Mr AB...
Happy belated mother's day...

umar is really a good boy!

Anonymous said...

woh...such a darling.....

SSQuo said...

Oh that is super sweet!

:) I think saving the pocket money is just soo thoughtful. Happy Mothers Day (belated).