Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friend But Not Friend

This blog must really hate me for abandoning it for years. Anyway I'm always in cyberspace, through Facebook and a few others.
But the thing is, I'm having some issues with my FB friends in my friendlist. Not that they 'disturb' or doing any harmful thing towards me. Problem is, some of them are not doing anything. They never comment your status updates. They neither say hi nor being a friend for benefit ie. farmville neighbour :D. They never say any words of encouragement when we need them. Why are they still in my friend list?
The worst is, when they added us as friend, but they block everything from us, photos, can't write on their walls, etc. As if we want to write there everyday.
I should remove them right away. I don't need lots of 'friend's that are not a friend. But then, here come the guilt. What will they say if I simply remove them?
Argghh..there are surely a lot to think about when you are being nice.


m4rilyn said...

hohoho jangan delete saye. saye tak bersalah

drNO said...

of course not you :):):)

Salt N Turmeric said...

True that. I pun ramai kawan bloggers yang now also dah jadi kawan fb. But usually the food bloggers yg add pastu senyap. Malas betul lah.

drNO said...

Salt N Turmeric - tu la. I mean if you are in the friend list, act as a friend. That's the least you can do.