Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spaghetti Bolognese(beef) -microwave oven

I managed to prepare spaghetti bolognese(beef) with only using microwave oven....

At the place where I am at the moment, the kitchen is only equipped with a microwave oven. I have to really used my brain on what i can cook.

Back at home, i used to cook all sorts of dishes daily (of course my kitchen back home is well-equipped).
I planned to come here only for a week. My hubby is supposed to send us back after a week, but he seems to postpone it week after week. So, i really missed cooking. Missed making homemade breads/buns, cakes, cookies, and god knows what else.

Today, i tried to cook spaghetti with it, and how easy it is.
Before this I only used microwave for reheating.

I've been asking around for what dish can i cook with it. My 'enemy' Add in Aussie suggest that i just fry an egg with it. (hang goreng teloq ja..).

After searching all over the internet (that resulted in mild headache-due to constraining my eyes page after page), and improving some of the recipes that i found, today..the VICTORY is mine...hehehehhe

here goes.......

-boil water in the kettle
-pour in a microwaveable bowl
-place pasta in
-put in microwave oven
-put on HIGH for 6 minutes
-stir, set HIGH for another 6 minutes
-repeat process if pasta is still not ready

-pour 1 tablespoon olive oil in bowl
-place meat in
-heat on HIGH for 8-10 minutes
-break the meat with fork into small pieces
-drain off the fat
-pour pasta sauce on the meat
-heat on MEDIUM 1 minute

ready to serve.

Next time I will try to prepare one from scratch. (this recipe calls for bottled pasta sauce)

And the kids are terribly hungry for pasta, that I did not managed to snap any photos.. they quickly finished it up.
p/s so i posted the picture of the microwave oven itself.

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