Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Friendly Site Award

This 'Friendly Site Award' is given by the marvellous Sis Hanieliza and drEzura.
This really meant a lot to me.
Thank you very much. Thanks a bunch.......:):):)

I passed this award further to this lovely blogger
- neeza
- another recipent, I'll add later


idham said... so deserve the award.

i nak jugak hehehehe

award ler.....


but but ur choice of NEEZA tu mmang tapat lah!! she so deserves it...


Neeza Shahril said...

thanks a lot my dear drNo... touching nya rasa. baru keluar wad ni.. my Coan masuk wad. tu yang lama blog menyepi sikit.. friendly?? wow... susah orang nak cakap neeza cam tu kalau tak pernah jumpa... thanks again...

sampuk idham sikit..thanks ye.. you pun sama.. tak pernah jumpa boleh cakap cam tu..

thanks all... you are guys are my nice friends... :)