Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nadiyah- my niece..

It's more than 2 weeks since I last blog. I've been back bloghopping since yesterday, but did not update. Have to clean the cobwebs and sweep the dust from this blog first...:):):)

For my first entry (after this 2 weeks silence) is dedicated to my niece- Nadiyah.

We went to KL on the 29th January. I brought some cakes for Nadiyah (since she won't be tasting my cakes again until the next 2 years :))

That is suppose to be sunflowers, but my brother said it's 'bunga taik ayam'.
This is vanilla spongy cake with blueberry, and whipped cream.

On the 30th, we sent Nadiyah to KLIA for her flight to Adelaide. ( The flight check-in was at 7.45pm, and she still have to work until 5pm that day)- what a tough boss u have...dah nak pegi pun x dpt cuti..hehhehe

Yes, she's in Adelaide now, to further her studies in Architecture. She seems pretty excited to get there.
But I'm sure she misses home. And we miss your visits too..

Anyway kakak, take great care of yourself.
Study smart.

p/s if u have any problem, just sms me, we can have a chat.
And don't forget to contact my friend over there, she's been waiting for ur call...she won't bite. :)

p/ss- Nadiyah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( early by a few days anyway...) best wishes for you the whole year thru....


idham said...

Von Voyage Nadiya..and best wishes with studies and make the most of ur stay there...
Ingat Allah selalu...

kirim salam pada ayah dan ibu.

nampak sedap ek cakem yang auntie Dr No buatkan tu...hehehe



Wawa said...

oh nadiyah is no longer around?

off she goes another neice of mine.


good luck nadiyah tho she needed none.


nadiyah said...

yay, maksu, everything is great here...ahah, orientation sgt cool disini, but i do miss home, especially the bantal busuk and MAY 12, and even amad, i wonder if laiqa will still ingat me or not, biler kakak balik nti,...hmmmm..., by the way, cake spongy vanilla tuh sedap sgt,...tp, masa tuh busy sgt...sempat telan a few slices jer..., xpe...if im free,...ill b online....hehheehh

Neeza Shahril said...

best of luck to you Nadiyah. bestnya nampak cake drNo.. kalau dapat makan, best gak tu. heheheee... rajin nya la drNo buat cake...