Thursday, December 25, 2008

Huh?? Wrinkle? Aging? What??

I went window shopping the other day and passed by this skin care counter.
I stopped by to ask about their products, since I have time in my hands.
So, the salesperson start to explain and start asking questions, this and that...
After answering a set of questions..she took out a magnifying mirror, where the image is a few times larger and asked me to look at it.
Then she starts pointing at certain areas of my face.

Dry skin (huh?? all this while I thought I have oily skin)
Oily skin (now I have oily skin???)
So, it's like a part of my face is oily, while the rest is dry...hmm...ok...
wrinkles (mmm..what?? well, getting older I guess?? Older?? Mmmm..what? can hardly hear that)
fine lines (ok..this is getting creepy...)
crow's feet (now i have feet at my face!!)
laughing lines (shouldn't all of us have that?? unless you have stroke or something??)
black head (heard this before...but who cares..)
The conclusion...I need an anti-aging skin care plus sunblock to prevent skin tag (??), and two set of cleanser for different part of my face- dry and oily.
And don't forget to stop by their spa for a facial treatment.

And that's in a day of someone that never have a facial treatment all her life. And who could live for days without facial treatment set. And rarely touch a make-up set.


domestic engineer said...

That's why sometimes ignorance is bliss. Once you stopped by the skin care counter, there comes ALL the skin problems! ha ha ha..

Same here, I've never had a facial treatment all my life and, a lipstick and a lipgloss are my ONLY valuable make-up set.

Lee said...

Margaret was once given a free sample of anti-wrinkle cream and was told it would make a great difference. She when back after the prescribed time and the sales lady gushed on how great she looked.

"Well" said Margaret "I only used it around one of my eyes. Can you tell which one?"


Neeza Shahril said...

that's the way they sell their products.. :)

I'd always love to look at the promoter's face sebab kan.. nak tahu muka dia tu perfect tak?
and most of the times, lebih kurang ajek dengan muka2 I yang takde buat facial ;) hehee..

HLiza said...

That's why I never ever stop by all those counters..they're trained to find flaws! I do go for facial..may be two or three times a the cheapest place around..when I meet some colleagues who complain about my complexion too much, or when I suddenly feel ugly or when I feel I need to be pampered. Now that economy is slow, I decided to do a kitchen beauty remedy..kalau tak malaslah!

Anonymous said...

i heard ppl said its still not too late 2 start on wrinkle cream b4 u reach im starting rite now....hahhaha..

tp xtauler ada beza ke tader pakai anti wrinkle ke idak....itu Tuhan punya kuasa....mkn jamu* pon okeh gak kan...ngeee...

*dah jamu plak dahhhh

Anonymous said...

My dear,

u dont need anything. U may need just 1 plastic surgery in ur life (when u think everything is sagging and wrinkles). Cut around the forehead; just lift everything up from toe to head and stitch... Finnito. Everything will be perfect as ever. haha...

Anyway u always perfect in my eyes.


Cathy said...

Loved the cartoon! I would hate to look at my skin in a magnifying mirror!! ;) Thanks for stopping by my place...hope you will stop in again soon!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Well, Asians tend to age better than their caucasian counterparts, that was what I was told. So I'm pretty happy.

I don't have any specific facial regime. I wash my face when I take my shower. I dab on moisturizer. And that's about it.

Once in a while I buy a mask... the sort that moisturizes your face, just to pamper myself.

And I don't wear make up.

So those ladies selling cosmetic stuff at the counter really hate people like me I guess.

amra said...

Kak Doc, we are in the same circle; never had a single facial tretment in life. lets propose a club for tat (silly, as if we mothers dont have other things to do)..
Luv, amra