Thursday, December 18, 2008

Same But Different

We are the same but yet we are different.

We love to read. Books have a major role in our relationship. It was my first gift to him- a novel by John Grisham. He likes reading novels, but his choices of novels are totally differ from mine. Novels that i read either medical thriller, romance, 'funny' drama, or novels such as Harry Potter or the likes.
While, he reads law, politic, drama, which I find rather heavy for my simple brain.

We love to try all kinds of food. He is rather adventurous. but our choices of food are different. He loves his steak to be medium rare , while mine will always be well-done.

We both are stubborn, and sticking to our ideas, but our ideas are usually different.

If we have to choose a shirt for him, we always choose the same design, but our choice of colours are totally different.

We love surfing the net, but for different reason.

We love the kids but we have different ways of showing it.

There are many other things...anyway,
we are surely is the same, but yet we are different.

p/s AB, may be I sometimes forget to appreciate you enough each day, but my love for you is always strong, through thick and thin.

p/s- sorry for not updating for quite sometime, I was in my 'kampung'. Not in the mood to blog anyway, but, my 'self-proclaimed no 1 fan' has been asking about the updates several times a day...
One entry a day huh?? Hmmmm..I'll try...I'll try (nodding my head, while a baby is crying in my lap, and the 2 kids are fighting over the tv channels, with drinks spilled all over the living room carpet)
life is tough, who says it isn't..but i'll try, i'll try (now I have 2 crying kids- the baby on my lap, and Laiqa who has been force by Umar to watch ben10 with him instead of Dora the Explorer, and the ants start to make its way towards the spill drinks)
One entry a day...aarghhhh...I don't think so...huargghhhh....


Lee said...

Aw, that's sweet.

No, no the second PS, the rest of it is though.

Thank you.

Neeza Shahril said...

it's good to be different..
complement each other.
My husband and I are also like that.. we're same but different in certain ways..
Our love towards each other is also blooming in its own unique way ;)

HLiza said...

Opposite attracts kan..

I'm totally a chatterbox..namanya pun saleswoman..but my hubby pendiam..tak tahulah camne jadi reporter tu. In my house the fight is between Ben 10 and Mickey Mouse Club House (Najla) and one more..High School Muscial or Hanna montana..tu anak dare besarlah tu. Yg mak bapaknye tak merasa tengok TV langsung.

SSQuo said...

Same but different is the best thing to have, otherwise itll be soo boring!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Opposite attracts babe! ;)

That 1st pic is so funny but true. lol.

domestic engineer said...

Opposite attracts do make our marriage life more thrilled, more exciting!

drNO said...

lee- thanks...

neeza- yup. u two makes a happy & perfect couple.

drNO said...

Hliza- kat rmh ni pun, mak bapak jarang2 boleh tgk tv. i will only fight for csi...hehheheh

SSQuo- I guess so. That'll make life more exciting and fun.
I guess if both have same qualities, we would fight all the time. don't think i can stand ME hahahh

drNO said...

salt n turmeric- farina, first picture is so true, right... nowadays friends are nor only in the neighbourhood or at work. I think I'm getting more friends 'in the computer' :)

domestic engineer- life is surely more exciting... and more confrontation hahhahaha