Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kids Nowadays

My kids always near me, literally. They never play or do anything outside my eyeview.
But one day, Laiqa was not around when I was watching TV in the living room.

Mummy: Laiqa...where are you?
Laiqa: I'm here, mummy... at your laptop...
Mummy: Hand's off my laptop...what are you doing there anyway?
Laiqa: Playing games..
Mummy: Oh..well..ok..

After 5minutes..

Mummy: Laiqa, what are you doing now? Haven't you finished playing game? Come watch TV with me.
Laiqa: I'm updating the blog.
Mummy: WHAT?? Who's blog are you updating?
Laiqa: Yours.
Mummy: (laughing) ok...

After another 5minutes..

Mummy: Haven't you finished updating my blog?
Laiqa: I'm checking my email now.
Mummy: (laughing non-stop) Who would ever wanna send you emails?
Laiqa: Daddy
Mummy: Ok..

Another 5minutes pass.

Mummy: Laiqa, come here.
Laiqa: I'm playing SUDOKU at your laptop.

I can't help myself but to take a peek.

Yup, she surely is playing SUDOKU!!!

And she did edit a few things in my blog...which i have to correct back. nowadays....


domestic engineer said...

Small kids nowadays...just give them time and don't be surprised they'll be more advanced than us. :-)

Lee said...

If the kids touch my blog, I'll rip their arms off and hit them on the head with the soggy end.

OndeOnde said...

I let them play the games online, my daughters' fav is main patung2 kertas dolu2..hehehehe but I have to supervise sebab takut ter-click links tak senunuh huhuhuh..

Neeza Shahril said...

my kids berkejar nak guna laptop sebab games..
bila bagi Math interactive programs, slow aje dia..
tak lama tu mesti kata penat dah...
tapi kalau games, dari pagi sampai malam pun takpe :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

haha. cutenya Laiqa punya jawapan. Sejuk perut mummy dia ye. ;)

Kalau i lah mesti gabra esp bab2 blog ni since I sendiri tak fasih lagi. Kalau dah ditukar and i dont know where the changes are, mati hidup semula i wont get it back.

HLiza said...

Nobody mess up with my blog! Laiqa is such a honey bun!