Friday, April 22, 2011


I wanted to write about something, but I am seriously sleepy. So I will keep this short.

I'm suppose to finish 'spring' cleaning the house. I know, it's very unlikely of me to get it done. Especially with my 'mess-making-machine' aka the littlest muchkins.
I planned to make some macaroons and cakes.
And prepare the ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast scones.

But, I'm very sleepy now. Might as well 'postpone' everything until tomorrow.

Before I shift from this blogosphere to my dreamworld, just a note, that last Wednesday, was my wedding 10th anniversary :D

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Neeza Shahril said...

Neeza baca sana sini people talk about macaroons.. unlucky me that I don't know nothing about that ;)

drNO said...

Neeza- mcm meringue, but with ground almond, n tgh ada filling, buttercream or ganache, etc. I don't like it, as much as i don't like pavlova. u can try making it urself. cuma kena beware of a few crucial tips.