Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home...home messy home...
After about one month leaving home, we're back at last.
The house is covered with dust. It's a big mess. Every time we walked around, our feet are covered with dust. This must be due of the pollution here. Or may be because Ipoh have lots of cement processing factory. Spider web everywhere.
Hmmm...I am sooooo lazy in terms of cleaning the house. (second to ironing-I hate ironing)
so, after some dusting, I did things to entertain myself... What is the 'thing'?
hehheheh what else....baking lar...hahhaha

I baked 'Sour Cream Chocolate Cake' that I have posted the recipe sometimes ago in this blog.
But, this time I used 2 8inch pan (because that the only pan size that I have in pair).
Why I decorate it into a flower basket??....heheheh...I just bought the basket weave icing tip two days ago, and can't wait to try.
Howveer, the deco is far from perfect, since I lost my star pointed icing tip that I need to make the basket edges and the tip for the roses. So, I just make do with whatever i have in hand. And the kids have used the cake board as a drawing board without my knowledge.
Moreover, the kids can't wait for me to finish. They said the cake smells so good. Umar even managed to poke a finger right through one of the layer while I was not looking.
So, how was the cake for a first timer ( with basket weave) and never go to any cake classes. Okay I guess...hehehheh..


Anonymous said...

why r u always making a gud looking nice cake when im away?

maybe i sud stay home with u, and be ur delivery boy...hehe


drNO said...

it's ur lost then...
asyik2 outstation, sapa suruh....