Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've Been Tag

I've been tag! Thank god it's a simple topic- favourite flower.
But, it's still took me quite sometimes to think about it. hmmm..really, I haven't thought about what my favourite flower is. Thanks to the hot mama bear for 'tagging' me, if not I still don't take the time to really think of what my fav flower is, and I would still be clueless the next time anyone ask.
but...which flower???
It have to be the red rose... or is it the elegant white lily? but of course not rafflesia. How about orchid?? I hate not the one. Crysanthemum?? even have a hard time to spell it...nope. gerbera? unique, but not to my liking.
And the winner goes to.........the elegant, the mysterious, the beautiful, the romantic, and the everlasting popular....RED ROSE

I have lots of history that involved red roses in my life. ( my love life to be precise :))
during my college years, my 'ever dearest' boyfriend, always sent me red roses. delivered right to HUKM. I felt happy, but embarrased as well. (mengalah kan patient...hehehhe)
He sent me red roses once every few months.
If i was mad with him, he would wait for me at the 'ronald mcdonald's house' near my hostel with a bouquet of roses. how romantic....hehheh...yes..that's him.
After we'r married, I still get flowers occasionally. Life have been busier, and lots more things to think about (the kids, etc).

Anyway, AB, with or without flowers, I still love u much...muahhh... :)

I have no idea who to tag.
-diba(sambil2 buat kek, buat tag pulak...tihiihi)
-wan the queen
-boogie (lamanya ko x apdet)
-vadai (if only u r interested :))
-and anyone
p/s if all of u are busy...just ignore this yea...


Anonymous said...

its unfair to open my secret openly...
u r the flower of my life,
my rose forever....


The Queen said...

dr no....I'll do the tag soon yeahh...been busy...but I WILL do it

Anonymous said...


How sweet.. :)