Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How To Be A Great Dad

I was bloghopping (that's what I do if I go somewhere that have no decent kitchen- a microwave oven and a fridge do not make a kitchen-THE KITCHEN :)), and I found yet another interesting entry.
This is dedicated to all fathers or father-to-be or even the single men out there (who knows u might be a father one day.) In short, this is for all men, a father or not(yet) :)
This entry comes from Zen Habits
(You can read the complete article there).

1. Put their interests first, always.

2. Protect them. As a dad, one of your main roles is protector. There are many ways you need to do this. Safety is one: child-proof your home, teach them good safety habits, set a good example by using your seatbelt, make sure they use a car seat if below a certain age & weight, etc. But financial protection is also important: have life insurance, car insurance, an emergency fund, a will.

3. Spend your spare time with them. When we get home from work, often we’re tired and just want to relax. But this is the only time we have with them during the weekdays, often, and you shouldn’t waste it. While work may be your passion, it won’t be long before they’re grown and no longer want to spend time with you. Take advantage of these years.

4. Give them hugs.

5. Play with them.

6. Do the “mom” stuff. Things that are traditionally considered “mom” duties are not just for moms anymore — changing diapers, feeding, bathing, rocking them to sleep in the middle of the night.

7. Read to them.

8. Stand by mom.

9. Teach them self-esteem. Show them (not telling them) that you value them, by spending time with them, by talking and listening to them, by praising things they do, by teaching them (not telling them) how to be competent.

10. Teach them about finances. From an early age, you can teach them the value of money, how to save money to reach a goal, and later, how earn money and how to manage money properly.

11. Be good to yourself. You shouldn’t give up your entire life when you become a dad. Also take care of your health — eat healthy, exercise.

12. Be good to the mom. This isn’t the same as No. 8 — you should be good to their mom even when they’re not looking. Take her to dinner, give her a massage, do chores around the house for her, give her some time alone and babysit while she goes out, show affection to her, give her little surprises. Because when mom’s happy, the kids are happy. And dad will be happy too!

p/s many thanks to my hubby.
Ab, u already been doing all of it.

I am sure, both of them wanted to thank their daddy too...


Dave Richards said...

Nice post...thanks for sharing this with us...surely was great to read through this post...thanks again!!!

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