Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kids Cupcakes

My talkative son kept bugging me to make him a spiderman cake(he got a batman cake for his birthday). Since there's none any special occassion for me to make a CAKE, so i baked cupcakes instead.
But, remember...i have 2 kids, which mean I have to make one for the little sister too. And her favourite character is Winnie the Pooh.
I just make the cupcakes using the basic pound cake recipe.
May be I'll post the recipe later.
The frosting is snowwhite buttercream frosting and use an edible cake deco for this one (my hands are shaky , so, no minute details deco on cakes...hehehhehe).
And the two kids are really in a 'helping mum' mood. I have to make a fast deco before both of them are covered in frosting.


mamabear said...

edible cake doco? yg gbr spiderman n winnie tu ada jual eeh? kat mana drNo beli?

drNO said...

beli kat KL. bake with yen pandan. tp BWY yg kat puchong & lorong haji taib pun ada.
kat ipoh belum jumpa lg.
mamabear kat mana?

rymau said...

ala tomeii nyeee.......

The Queen said...

Dr. No....cewah....bunyi cam enemy james bodn lah....errr amik tempahan tak>????

Yes i'm moving to Marjan's blog....hehehe

Anonymous said...

Tu diaa sakan...bila hang nak buat cup cake shrek pulak?

From: enemy dari down under (hehe)

drNO said...

rymau- thanks

the queen- kdg2 rasa cam nk jugak amik tempahan, sedang dipikirkan, ipoh cupcakes is coming...hhehe

add- awat?? hang nak tempah ka cupcake shrek??? hahhah