Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Shrek The Third

I watched this movie yesterday.
In short...I don't really like it. Shrek 1 and 2 are better. I think most of us that have watched it would agree. I just can't (or rather don't know) the reason that I don't like it, the movie is just plain dull, the jokes are not that funny like it used to be in the first and second movie.
But, it's still worth watching (especially when you have no other things to do).
And what with the 'interspecies marriage'??! Eeww...Please, can someone explain that, or is it that funny. Hmmm... By the way, to those who have not watched it, Donkey married Dragon, and they have kids-Dronkey(..what else could we call them...).

The only conversation that interest me was the one during Princess Fiona's baby shower.
It goes something like this:

Fiona(F) : What is this?
SnowWhite(SW): He's a living babysitter.
Babysitter(BS) : Where's the baby?
F : You are too kind. But I can't accept this.
SW : Oh..think nothing. But I got 6 more at home.
F : What does he do?
Cinderella(C) : The cleaning.
SW : The feeding.
BS : The burping.
F : So, what are Shrek and I suppose to do?
Rapunzel(R) : Well, now you have plenty of time to work on your marriage.
F : Gee...thanks for the counsel. But, what's that supposed to mean?
R : Oh..c'mon Fiona. You know what happen.
SleepingBeauty(SB) : You are tired all the time.
SW : You'll start letting yourself go.
GingerbreadMan(GM): Stretch mark
R : Say good bye to romance.

Haahahaha..that are just among many things that first time parents really worried about.
And the babysitter part is quite true come to think of it. If the babysitter do all the bonding stuff (eg. change diaper, bathing, feeding, etc), what is left for parents to do. No offence though..... :)

Anyway, for Shrek fans, go watch it, then u tell me what you think...

p/s really looking forward for the 'Harry Potter' movie.


CiK BaWaNg said...

haiyaaakkk..saye ni die hard fan citer shrek...tapi ramai gk yg ckp shrek the third ni bosan..saje taknak donlod sbb nk g tgk kat cinema..layan la harapnye..hukhuk..tapi sumer review ckp tak bes ni...cedeyyyy...

p/s: shrek 2 bes kan? kan kan?

HLiza said...

Yup..I didn't watch the full movie..only caught few scenes from the pirated DVD the kids were watching and I can imagine how dull it is. I love the first one the most..but they say a good recipe, if repeated over and over again with additions of unnecessary things..would turn out boring!

drNO said...

shrek 1 and 2 are better. much more interesting and funny. anyway my son likes it, but he just 'like' it, not love it. (like 'Mr Incredible' which he loves very much-up to now, he must have watched it more than a hundred times).