Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Bad Match? Or A Bad Luck?

Have you ever tried to matchmake people?
Well I haven't intentionally.
Anyway, just to share a story, or rather my experience about matchmaking.

One fine day (hahhahah..like a start of a fairytale), a friend(guy- lets name him Mr Q), came to us asking for a help to introduce him to some of my friends. He told us that how he envied us(me and my hubby), seing us being happy together, etc, etc, and how he wished to be the same.
So, I said, I'll try. I asked for my friend (Ms.O) permission whether she agrees for me to give Mr Q her number.
To make long story short, Ms O agreed, so they met, and started dating, etc, etc. And started planning of the future.
Yes...seems like a beautiful love story, right...wait til u read the rest.
When Ms.O started to have feeling towards him, he dropped the bombshell. He felt that's it's time to tell the truth. He was married and have a kid. He and his wife was in the process of finalising their divorce.
Ms.O was heartbroken. It was a shock, to her and to me (as I have no idea about it either).
Yup, Ms.O just couldn't accept him...and that's it, there goes the relationship.
I was full of guilt. I felt like it was my fault to cause Ms.O such misery...i introduce them right.
If I knew he was a divorcee, i would have not.
Eventhough this happen more than a year ago, the guilt is still in me. It still lingers in my mind from time to time.
As for Mr.Q, he remain single, he promised than he won't find anybody else to replace Ms.O in these few years time.
And for me...that's it about me being a matchmaker.
Anyway, if you want me to introduce as friends, still can....hahahahha :D


isleasy said...

alamak..saya baru je nak mintak phone number akak sekali ending citernye gitu..hehee..takpe2..not ur fault..boleh try lagi.. =)

intan said...

hehe yea not ur fault :-)
tp kan, diz story boleh still jd happily ever after story kan..
if Ms O realized dat Mr Q is still not dating bcoz of her..
then Ms O turns to her back..
and sees handsome Mr Q..
and they both come running towards each other.. and hug. xoxo.
then u'll be that great matchmaker lah. hahaha.

Dr Ezura said...

a divorcee kan, bukan suami org lg...nak carik bujang yg ok pun susah skarang ni..takpe drNo, better luck nex time ya...; )

umi ameer said...

hi drNo,
alamak.. tu la tak syioknyer match making kalu dorang tak jujur from the start, kan?

sian Ms. O.. well, pompuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik juga, kan? pls tell her not to worry, ye?

drNO said...

isleasy- hahahahh.....

intan- yup...the story can be happily ever after..that's what i thought too.
Mr Q did come to me to apologize, n explain why he did such thing. dia kata, if dia bgtau dr awal, he won't have the chance to start anew. mesti org awal2 reject dia.
But what to do... Ms O just can't forgive him.
intan apsal blog dah x boleh bukak??

drNO said...

Ezura- on a way, betul la. Mr.Q pun muda lg, it's ok. Cuma Ms O think that's a lie is a lie. :)

UmiAmeer- tu la yg x bestnya. kalu happily ever after kita pun tumpang seronok kan...

flush said...

yes, i tried once.. i think u know the rest of the story.. ustaz and doctor..

i wish one fine day, ms.O will accept mr.Q (haidar?).. its nothing wrong to marry a divorcee.. an advantage actually.. experience teach him well so that he wont let it happen again to ms.O (i hope)..

i hope ms.O read my thought..

drNO said...

flush- urs (ustaz n doc) have a happy ending.
I tried to put some sense to Ms.O, tp she had made up her mind...hampir putus sahabat bcoz she said i pun menyebelahi Mr.Q. so, I just let it be what it will be...

13may said...

hehhe...no komen la :D

darthvadai said...

I better send me cousin CV to you to match make lol

As for the MR.Q, no point feeling guilty bout it coz you had nothing but the best intentions and acted in good faith. That alone should absolved you from a guilt

idham said...

:) a tactical lie is different fr a habituallie. he lied in order to tackle msO...it was a tactic...a wrong one, but still only tactial.
aslong ashe has ask forforgiveness and does not lie habitually....ok la tu.

eh...kasik la contacturniece tu ...a intro to myson ehhehe


GoD's~sLaVe said...

waaa...kesian kat dua-dua..

drNO said...

13May- :)

darthvadai- yup...shouldn't be my fault,but then...:)

drNO said...

idham- well, i've forgave him... but as Ms.O, I don't think so. She's too heartbroken to think the positve of it. my niece-nanti I ask her.

drNO said...

God's Slave- :):) lama x nmpk,busy ke?

booGie said...

Hey... match for me la. To girl la kan.

Last. Please. :)

Hannan said...

hehehe... shit happened.. so what?
cube lagi!!!.. unless u make it rite, the guilt will last forever!

inah said...

aaa..dr carikan utk saya boleh??