Monday, March 2, 2009

Interview with the Vampire (ooopps...NO)

I was being interviewed by the adorable HLiza, in JANUARY. Yup, you read it correct, January. And I only complete it now. Actually I did answer some of it, but then I've delayed posting it, until march. My bad.

1. You're a medical doctor by profession. What makes you quit the job? Do you see yourself returning back to that field at some point of your life and if yes, when?

My husband forced me to quit.
Hahhahah...just kidding. Many of you must have said, 'how terrible is her husband'.
Well, in fact, he's a saint (almost! because he did make mistakes too that make me feel like strangling him hehheh). He gave me total freedom, but he did give me his point of view.
Hmm..I didn't call it 'quit' though. Because for me once you are a doctor, you will always be. I just resigned from the goverment.
I am always in the field. I give advices, consultations, etc. It just I did not return back to working the whole day in a hospital. My heart is always in this field. It's always my passion, my ambition from the moment I knew what the meaning of 'ambition' is. Only to be taken aback by the fact that doctors have to dedicate their whole life to work. I used to spend most of the time at work than at home. Home was only a place to sleep. Yup, really.
I have my other reasons too, but, I'll blog about it next time, may be.

2. What 3 principles of life that you live by?

i. do unto others as you would like others do unto you
ii. live life with no prejudice
iii. Life is full of choices, why force yourself to do things that is against your heart desire.

3. Is there any period or era in your life that you wish you could change? Why?

My teenage years. I so hating it. I think I was extremely ugly then, with all the bad decision. I pick the wrong dress, wrong shoes, wrong glasses. Even the wrong words when I talk.
I think I might have been a geek. I read books all the time, while my classmates play netball or enjoying the days socialising.
My dad was extremely protective too.
I don't even have many photos of me during those years.

4. What are your traits that you wish your kids will inherit and what are the ones that you really really really wish they won't?

Inherit:- Smart, kind hearted (I think I am)
Wont inherit:- impatience, stubborness

5. Name one thing that you feel you're most talented at and how does that talent shape your life so far?

I am soo good in window shopping. I can spend the whole day doing it, but I can only spend 30minutes jogging and get bored.
This talent has make me slim even after 3kids. Hahhahhahhah

Seriously, I have no idea what my talent is.


Neeza Shahril said...

now I know something that I never knew before..
some people said, rugi belajar tinggi-tinggi tapi tak kerja..
some people said, bagus duduk rumah, jaga anak, boleh ajar anak-anak..

to me.. I appreciate the way I am now.. I am happy with everything I have around. Alhamdulillah..

HLiza said...

Ha ha..dah nak merajuk dah nih..mujur terbaca blog sekejap..been busy all week round! Thanks for the answers..I expect you to choose baking as your talent!

drNO said...

neeza- different people have different views. but people too need to respects other people opinion. Thanks. I'm sure u r happy with things around u. alhamdulillah.

HLiza- tu la. I notice that ur post r not that frequent. have guessed that u r busy, or u need a break from blogging??
very sorry for the delay. it is.. so, did I pass?? hehehh

Saya said...

i always wanted to be a doctor but then again alhamdulillah I can't be one because i know that I'll be a bad doctor then since i'm so MALAS to study..need to memorize all the formula in science is just not my thing..hehe..yet,I always enjoy watching Grey's anatomy,E.R,House..(macam best jer tengok diorg jadi doctor)

Flea said...

You're a doctor?? I never knew!!
"Well see, it pains right here and then here and it throbs there, doctor doctor what can it be?"

Ok just teasing you, I don't have an ailment.

I love nr 4 entry regarding traits for the kids.

l i e y n said...

i guess it was the most hard decision you've made! sacrifice the noble job in order to spend more time for family...
i really want to be SAHM plus doing some business for my own treats but hutang banyak lagi!!!hehehhehhehehe

my sis is HO now, mmg kejenya kalau balik umah tido!!!! belum MO lagi!