Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have you lied?

Can somebody answer me??
Why do people lie?

ok..ok..there are thousands or may be millions reasons of why people lie.

I am sure everyone did, at some time in their life.

Do you think you could get away with your lies?
Please think before you do that again.
Most of the time, you will get caught. You won't get away if you do bad thing, u will get caught one way or another.

Lies hurt people's feelings.
Lies make people cry.
Lies make whatever effort you made so far seems worthless.
Lies make people not to trust you.
Lies make people have doubt of your every move.

LIES HURT....full stop.

Someone, once, have shared with me that- never lie even if the truth hurts.

My current state- I am suffering from a nasty flu, with red eyes, and PISSED...


SSQuo said...

I hear you 100%.

I dont know why people lie, there are so many reasons, but I agree its one of the things I really cannot stand. Lies hurt way too much, much much more than the truth.

Find the reason why the person lied, this dialogue can sometimes help mitigate the anger. Its important to talk. And I hope you feel better :)

Shadowthorne said...

Lying is bad.
Lying tarnishes the soul.

I hate liars.

But I lie a lot too :)

It's a professional thing.

l i e y n said...

i admit, i lied a lot...
usually white lies..(to hubby..hehehehe)
i think most of the people lied for good deed hopefully...

drNO said...

SSQuo- yup, true.
thanks for the best wishes. getting better, recovering from the flu, eyes still red and puffy though.

Shadowthorne- u liar...hahhahah
n u know what, lie for a gud reason is okay, may be..
but how about lie for their own benefit that will destruct others.
and what makes it worst, they are still those stupid morons out there who believes those lies.

lieyn- it depends actually on how you depends a white lie. a lie that one day u could laugh it off is ok.
it's back to the people judgement on why they lie, and how the people who are involve perceive the lies.

Zek Zek said...
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Zek Zek said...

depends ler...but I am no angel..hehhehe

tak elok jadi amalan. Elakkan...guna biler perlu ajer.

But sometimes tipu boleh selamatkan sesuatu.


HLiza said...

I do lie once in a while but not very good at covering it up..orang kata muka baik..he he..but I can't stand men lying to their wife. No compromise on that.

Saya said...

some of my lecturers here,they have sense on someone who is telling lie..kasyaff..takut betuuul

Pp said...

untuk mengalakkan orang lain dari membohongi...jangan ler tanya soalan yang susah nak jawap...especially soalan cepu emas...!!


drNO said...

ZekZek- lie utk selamatkan keadaan, may be can be forgiven kot. depends on the person's involve.

HLiza- i always find it difficult to lie, especially to my parents and other half. x tau apsal. if nk tipu je, rasa mcm2, n they will always know if i'm lying.

pp- hmm..soalan cepu emas... i know what u mean. hahahh

Aizan Suhaira said...

It's even worse when we know that person is lying but that person just simply DOES NOT WANT TO ADMIT IT!!

Urgghhh.. pisses me off to no end. And it hurts too.

AND I feel insulted as well.

What? U think I'm so stupid that I don't know you're lying?


drNO said...

aizan- yup. if only the person is a child, we can just smack him/her until they admit they lied.
wish life is easy.

Anonymous said...

i decided 4 quite some time now tt i wudnt b bothered anymore if ppl lie 2 my seems 2 b a lil bit nicer 2 live in

though i 4get easily...i cant necessarily 4gv..agagaga

but i think ppl lie only 2 others tt matter 2 1 way or another...they just cant bear 2 face the consequences...of losing the love...or the faith...too bad..