Monday, March 16, 2009

Gamma Linolenic Acid

Now comes an entry that is more educated compare to just the usual entries-'blabbering of a mom of 3'. hehhehe..
( Ms D asked me about GLA the other day. So, here goes..)

Gamma Linolenic Aid, or GLA in short. It is an essential fatty acid, found primarily in borage seed oil, evening primrose oil or blackcurrant seed oil. Essentials fatty acids (EFA) are a group of fatty acids that is needed by the body, but could not be produce (in the body). It has to be taken from food.

I will just give a short info about it, rather than go into all the medical jargon of GLA.

Researches found that GLA has an anti-inflamatory properties. If taken regularly, it will combat all the illness that is caused by inflammatory response, such as, PMS, arthritis, autoimmune diseases or eczema.

GLA is sold here as a dietary supplement, in a capsules form.


Shadowthorne said...

Don't care for GLA.

JLA is more fun. 'Justice League of America' I mean.

Yay for cartoon heroes.

Yes, this is a TMI entry. :)

Neeza Shahril said...

thanks Drno.. baru aje bertanya2 pasal ni.. (in my mid aje la)
I guess, its time for me to take this.. ;)

ms.d said...


Thanks so much for the infos!!

will look out for it soon.heheheee

drNO said...

this is a very short explanation. I'll elaborate about it later.