Sunday, March 29, 2009

Of catwalk models and Flu bugs

I have a dream
A song to sing
To help me cope
With anything....

Well...once upon a time, I had this most ridiculous dream.
I rather called it a fantasy rather than a dream, because i never think it will ever comes true. I was right about that.
I fantasized my self being a model.
Yup true...being a catwalk model. funny it may sounds
It started when I was still in primary school. This fantasy grew up with me. It..well...let's say it ended when I was in college.

I imagined myself in expensive, beautiful dresses, with the right accesories, beautiful stilettos, walking down the runway, full of confident.
On sleepless night, when i had trouble falling to sleep, that was what I do.

That was just too much, for someone who is not that attractive, rarely wears make up, and only wear flat sandals...

Anyway, on a second thought, I don't think I could live their life. Mmmmmm...n do they really change clothes in front of peoples backstage???

Fantasy of a girl...sometimes can make you gag...


On other notes, I was hit by the nasty flu bugs. The bugs didn't only hit my respiratory system, but also my eyes! nasty bugs, terrible bugs...
I'm much better today.


HLiza said...

Oh cian's hard when moms get sick..coz you'll never get MC at home and you're still in charge. Hope you'll take some time for know better, you're a doctor. My first ambition was to be an air-stewardess..want to fly and travel and be pretty all the time. Baik tak jadi. My dad could't even tolerate me wearing jeans those days..apa lagi pakai kebaya ketat tuh..mahu pengsan dia.

Shadowthorne said...

That is a very COMMON fantasy for growing up girls (and boys too). Everybody wants to be beautiful and noticed.


G. Coppard said...

I believe it's a hard fact that most of those girls are not confident at all, but live in a constant state of unease that they will develop a crow's foot, gain half a pound or otherwise fall from the state of grace they have worked so hard to attain. Very sad souls, not all of them, but most. I have a feeling you're much better off turning out exactly the way you did.

drNO said...

HLiza- we grew up in quite the same environment. my dad is like that too. air stewardess, singer, mucisian, etc..a major no, no. my grandma can't even tolerate girls in pants! my parents will condemn girls in 'baby tee', skirts and such.
hahhaha..air stewardess huh??

Shadowthorne- yup. wonder what's yours. hehehheh

G.Coppard- good point there. girls are more insecure. we think just about everything, from weight issue, to the latest trend. thank god i am not one of them. anything goes.