Friday, March 20, 2009

Switch off the lights... will ya

I am a nature lover, yes I am.
I try to 'Go Green' as much as I could. It's hard to go green.
Yes, it seems so difficult to love the earth, and to do our part in preserving it.
And sometimes, it does seem more expensive.
For instance, if we want to change all our cleaning products, from the usual brands (FAB, Breeze, Dynamo), to a more natural products, it'll cost us more. They are surely more expensive.

A bit of info here (yeah, yeah..some facts...just bare with me... hey, it's for your own knowledge ok!)
Earth Hour is an annual international event created by WWF, held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change.

Just stop for a moment and 'stare', how many electrical appliances in our home are in stand by mode or are always switch on. And what a small gesture, to switch them off when not in use, and that alone can already make a difference. Thia small gesture actually helps (claims to save a few percentage of energy consumption, thus less CO2 released). May be it won't do anything to the 'green house' effect that is already worsening, but it create awareness.

Too much for your idle mind???
Let me try to put this in simpler sentence. - You out there who just think- the heck with the world! Just switch 'em off. You'll save money for your electricity. That extra cash, sure will comes needy.

On 28th March, 8.30pm, I'll be watching the TV in the dark, with the fan on. Hehhehe..does that make me a hypocrite? Mmm... May be I could turn off the TV too.
Candlelight dinner...anyone??

Earth Hour

Earth Hour Malaysia


Shadowthorne said...

... It should be Earth Day and celebrated all over the planet.

I try to remember the date, but I always forgot.

No changes around me, that makes me forget.

No changes around me because people do not care.

l i e y n said...

i won't be home that night!!!
so, of course i support!!!
just lights off..not tv or fan..

Neeza Shahril said...

Rasanya, with the kids around, nothing much can be done..
nanti tak pasal2 diorang terjerit terlolong takut hantu..
sabar aje la.. heheh..

Rose said...

Interesting! I just saw the banner in one of the shopping mall here. Hmm, I dont mind turning the light off, as long as the other appliances still working! hahaha!

Biju Mathews said...

I'm supporting this!! It's not just about saving, it is all about being a global team!!

Keep Blogging!

drNO said...

Shadowthorne- well, as a matter of fact, not much changes around me either. May be many does not aware of this or just being total ignorance. Even my parents, they doesn't understand about it I guess. They didn't recycle for recycle per se...but their main purpose is to collect those bottles, etc to be sold. not for the environment.

lieyn- yup...lights off. fan...err...susah sikit. x tahan panas bdk2 ni. heheh padahal mak bdk ni pun sama.

drNO said...

Neeza- ye la. susah sikit with the kids. fan mmg sah2 x blh off. nasib baik my kids x tahu the concept of hantu yet. Umar je tahu sikit2.

Rose- yup. exactly. fan is a major no-no. then the tv. if not will be so bored in the dark.

drNO said...

Biju- that's right. it has to be global effort to see the difference.
p.s.- will keep on blogging if time permits. down with flu at the moment. How bout u? getting better?