Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lucky number SEVEN

Get ready...another entry of me bragging about my kids. This time, it's about Umar.

He turned seven on the 13th March 2009. ( a late entry..ya, ya, I get too busy to write about his birthday on the date)
Happy birthday to you Umar Farouq.
Be less naughty.

I hope your classmates and teachers enjoyed the cupcakes and cookies yesterday.

I am always proud of you.

Umar, please do not finish a bottle of shower gel in 2 days.
Please do not leave your dirty clothes on the floor.
Please keep your stationaries away from your baby brother.
Please treat Laiqa better, because she is your SISTER!
And NO, we CANNOT trade her for a PSP!!!

p.p.s- pheww..I manage not to brag about anything...:)


Saya said...

Happy birthday cute every year..(nasib baik adam lelaki..kalau tak dah amik no phone..ngeh3)

notty idea..(about trading laiqa..hehe)

HLiza said...

Happy bday to this very matured-looking boy!

Shadowthorne said...

Trading your sibling for PSP? Wow, now that what's I call capitalism in the work.

analiza said...

Happy Birthday Umar!
Noi - engko bawak je die gi bersunat cuti sekolah hujung taun nie....kot2 la leh hilang sikit degil die tu.....heheheh....

Lee said...

And (ahem) OUR cupcakes and cookies...?

Give him a birthday hug from us.

TrueMom said...

Happy Birthday..cookies..cup cake...for birthday at school? im considering next year..:-)

have a great life mum...:-)

Aizan Suhaira said...

If I was tradeable for a PSP, I dunno where I'd be right now.

Perhaps slaving away in a PSP factory.

Happy Birthday, Umar.

Neeza Shahril said...

I remember you told me birthday Umar and Coan dekat2..

Happy Birthday Umar.. be a good boy to mom and dad ya..

best dapat anak lelaki sulung... hopefully boleh bimbing adik-adik. Insyaallah...

tulipurple said...

sorry lah abg umar encem...auntie missed ur bday...happy belated bday dear...sggh terpancar kewibawaan sbgai anak sulong muka dia...moga berjaya dunia akhirat...ehem2,umar nak kenal ngan DQ tak?ihiks'...

eiyda said...

Happy Belated Birthday Umar!!
Semoga menjadi anak yg soleh dan menjadi kebanggaan mama & papa..;)

p/s: drNo.. sama kes cam anak eiyda yg sulung suka sangat mandi pakai shower gel banyak2...baru beli, kejap jer dah abis..

noniey alias said...

happy belated birthday umar..

yang lawaknye ps kat bawah tu..hehehe

nway, moga jadi anak yang soleh..amin

flush said...

elaborate more in new post psl trade laiqa dgn psp tu.. sound funny je..