Sunday, March 22, 2009

FOUR she is....

Laiqa Najma is four on the 21st March.
I did not do anything special on the day.
Mainly because, Mr AB not home. Secondly because little Munif and me are down with flu. Laiqa herself and Umar had just recovered from the flu bug.

Anyway, we (me and Umar) sang her happy birthday early in the morning. Mr Ab called to wish his princess a happy birthday.
Then she requested me to bake her 'Dora the Explorer' cupcakes. And wanted me to buy her Barbie doll and a milk bottle for Sonia (her baby doll) for her birthday present. I leave the present part to the daddy when he's back from India (what?? another trip to India?? he must be really fascinated with the place or what..).

I postponed the Dora cupcakes until Mr AB's back. Anyway, amid my fever and headache, managed to bake her some plain 'red velvet' cupcakes.

She is four now. But I still think she is such a baby. So much different when Umar was four back then. Umar is more independent, friendly, talkative, etc. He is more mature.
Laiqa is shy. She still is her father's baby girl.

Anyway, now she has two brother who love to tease her.
One is Umar of course. He would tease her from the break of dawn till bedtime.

Notice that he is drinking from a pink Dora tumbler that belongs to Laiqa. He always does that purposely, so that Laiqa would scream her heart out and cry.
And you haven't seen this boy in action in teasing her sister. He has got his own tricks too.

What a handful for Laiqa. :)


Saya said...

happy birthday Laiqa..~

ms.d said...

happy birthday Laiqa, she is such a beautiful princess and i like her name... :D

birthday comes with cakes!! no matter what cake..heheee

HLiza said...

Happy birthday Laiqa! Girls will always be princesses no matter how old they are..and will always be special in their mom's hearts..

noniey alias said...

happy birthday laiqa.. comelnya dia.. best kan dapat anak pempuan nih...

mesti laiqa akan jadi adik n kakak yang manja..hehehee

eiyda said...

Happy Belated Birthday Laiqa...
Semoga murah rezeki dan menjadi anak yg solehah..Ohh papanya pergi India pulak..mesti dapat special present dr sana..;)

Neeza Shahril said...

Happy Birthday Laiqa..

seronok tengok dia makan cup cake tu..
really enjoying the good taste of it.. :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

Happy Belated Birthday Laiqa! Sudah 4 tahun ya? *wink*

SSQuo said...

Happy Birthday little one!

Now youre a year older, so stronger, and will be perfectly able to snatch your Dora water bottle from your big bro! :)

AB is in Delhi you said right? And yes, if he's going to Goa again, Id love to recommend some places although its been years since I visited, but my family goes there off and on.

Biju Mathews said...

How sweet!! What a lovely crowd you have.

Happy belated birthday dear Laiqa. You look so lovely in that dress. God Bless!!

Keep Blogging!!

l i e y n said...

happy birthday laiqa....u r so cute!

domestic engineer said...

Appy 4th Bday Laiqa sweetie! And to the mommy...semoga cepat sembuh. Take care yaa.

Wawa said...

happy belated birthday laiqa.


she is such an adorable girl.