Thursday, July 19, 2007

8 Random Things About Myself

i've been tagged. This time it's by dear sis isleasy. (ooo...balas dendam yek???..hheheh)
I have fun doing this, since it's based on my random thoughts about myself-which some of it never occurred to me before.

1. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. Nobody smoke in my household as long as I can remember. Not my parents, brothers. nor my husband. So, whenever I accidently inhaled the smoke in public places, I would felt like I have smelled some kind of toxin (which is true), and felt dizzy, or something like that. Anyway, I don't hate those people who smoke. I couldn't hate them, they are nice people too. It's just their bad habit, that they can't (or I rather say that they didn't try hard enough) to kick.

2. I hate covering my feet. I hardly wear socks. During the night if it's cold, I cover only other parts of me except my feet.

3. I love spicy food. If my meal is not spicy enough, I would still have the urge to eat another spicy meal.

4. I always think out of the box. So, my opinion always differ from the majority.

5. I love cooking and baking more than gardening or sewing, eventhough i do all of them. When I cook, I could see the results of adding new ingredients or experimenting new recipe as soon, within 1 to 2 hours the most. But if I plant a plant, try out a new fertilizer (for example), I could only see the results days or sometimes weeks after. I am not that patient. Sewing is too time consuming. I sew my own curtains, and cloths sometimes, but, it took ages to complete.

6. I love to buy gifts for other people. Gifts always make people smile. But, i have money limitation. So, only during special occasions.

7. I don't like answering phone calls. hahahhahah... This is very true. I always leave my handphone in my bag, under the cushions, in the bedroom, etc, because... I don't bother. (sorry, very sorry- just my bad habit that my 'ever dearest keep complaining about). If you want to contact me, leave me a message or better still, send me an sms. I'll definitely reply SMSes ( and emails).

8. I love chocolates- be it milk/dark chocolate- in cakes, ice creams, cookies, anything. Hate white chocolate, and hate milk. Haven't been drinking white/fresh milk since 6 years old. I've been taking calcium supplement anyway (occasionally) :)

So, I guess the rule is to tag next 8 people. hmmm.... do I have that much friends??
Anyway, I know you people are going to hate me because I'm going to tag you, but I have fun doing so...hehheheh
so, my victims are...
-my 'ever dearest' (just would like to know what u'll write about)
-cik bawang
-A Kel called Wonder.....
-hmm.... I run out of blogging friend I guess...that's about all I think.
n'way, if any of u are busy, just ignore this tag. Complete it when u feel like it- just to have fun yea...


HLiza said...

I love chocolate and spicy food too..hate cigarettes..and almost smokers too..and also like giving things but money limited...ngape banyak yg sama nih.. Anyway, I love to answer kuat bersembanglah katakan..

La Reine said...

Lol, my sister hates talking on the phone as well.

An thinking within the box is overrated.

Nyemoni said...

you dont cover you feet? That's the No. 1 place I must cover or else no rest! Nice blog...came here thru a kel called wonders'

Baroque said...

WIERD not to cover your feet? is it some kinda superstition? //
you shouldn't have a phone then, i'd hate you if i had to call you, GOSH.//& i'd love you if you bought me a gift on a special occasion...

flush said...

kita sama dkt no.3 & 8..

drNO said...

hliza - now i know who to call if in the mood to talk :)

la reine - it's not really 'hate' talking thru phone, but sort of lazy to bother where the phone is, especially if i'm in the mood of not talking to people.

nyemoni - have to start covering my feet :))

baroque - not superstition. anyway have to start covering them. U gonna hate me big time for not answering ur

flush - :)

mamabear said...

kita samala tang smoking ngan gift tu... benci sgt asap rokok ni cm toksin..rasa cam rosak je peparu kalo terhidu kejap asap rokok..hehe
suka sgt bagi hadiah kat family members..oh ye.. dr no ni capricorn ke?

Sisbee said...

I love chocolate but it's too naughty to eat it often. I also like getting presents and wouldn't mind one from you, I mean it was my birthday last month...that was an occasion. Hows the tagging goin'?...

drNO said...

mamabear - kita aries :)
sisbee - :) i'll get u one, if we ever crosspath :)
happy belated bday..u shud tell me in advance, so that I can bake something and :))

Anonymous said...

Since i've been tagged and nowhere to write, i tried to put it over here b4 but with no success. Here i will try again.

8 Random Things About Myself.

1. Im the luckiest man on earth to have u.
The very 1st time i met u, i nvr expectd u to be this nice, this good, this lovely...
U r just very nice, so beautiful, so so lovely. Even so much so that i just cant help to love u more for every single day passed.
Everything bout u is so nice even ur nagging is music to my ears. ( Now u know why only 10% of wat u said gone thro my head) hehe
Im lucky to have u...

So my other 7 random things, will be much the same as above....
Im the luckiest man to have u..

Dr Ezura said...

hai drNo, gimme ur email add and i'll tell u more about the frosting...for edible image, try contact ayuliana at

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

wow like to buy things for people! I have answered ur tag. And i love Maltizers, but am going off it now though. 9Dont have a choice, the weight)
@ Anon - ehrr he wants us jealous!

drNO said...

Anon the 'ever dearest'- you make me blushed dear...
u don't have to mention this in public :)
and no wonder u didn't hear much of what i'm saying- whatever i said is just music(??) to you..

dr ezura- will contact u soon dear

A Kel called Wonder...-thanks. I love maltesers too.
forgive that 'anon'...may be it's what he ate...hahahhaha
he's just being my luv....heheheh