Thursday, July 19, 2007

Last week, Chocolate and Harry Potter

Many things happened last week. I came to KL on Monday 9July, while I was still down with flu.
Attended a wedding reception in Dewan Perdana Felda, KL. It's the wedding of my sis-in-law's niece. And the bride's mum happened to me my ex-lecturer while I was in medical college- my lecturer in immunology. The wedding was a blast, however I didn't take any photo of the bride and groom. (may be i'll ask my niece to send me a copy later).
The next day, my 'ever dearest' had to make a business trip to Singapore. We tagged along ( how could he leave a 'sick' mummy and her 2 active kids). We stayed in Johor Bharu. Not much thing to do.
The best was the trip to The Zone- free duty zone. The good there are still expensive. But I just love the chocolate/candy store. I spent rm100 there. I could spent more, only to be stopped by my 'ever dearest' .

I am really a chocoholic!!.
This is what happened if a chocoholic met a chocolate store.

Felt like buying everything in the shop. Yes, yes, we could still find the same chocolate in other shops elsewhere, but the price's like 30% cheaper. (Anyway, I was told, they are cheaper in Langkawi).

We did stop by the famous Danga Bay. The place is breathtaking. But, it was too hot for us to take a stroll. No photos there either.
By Friday evening, we were back in KL.

Anyway enough about that. Let's talk about Harry Potter.
Huhuuhuhuhu... I am a big fan. But, haven't got the opportunity to watch the movie yet. I assumed whoever that went to watch the movie have to be Harry Potter's fan, so I guess they would really mind if there's one mummy watching with two rather talkative kids. If it's me, I would rather annoyed with kids talking non-stop while I'm watching my favourite, most-awaited movie. So, I tsk..tsk..tsk..have to wait for the dvd to come out.

And about the final novel- Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows. Really, really want to have it. But... I guess I could not be the one who waited since 5am in front of Kinokuniya in KLCC for the book to begin it sales at 7.01am this Saturday. And my 'ever dearest' is not a fan- so, it's a sure no-no for him if I ever asked him to get me one.
Whatever, however, it is, i'll get a copy...sooner ar later... :(

p/s anyone of you are going to the bookstores on saturday?? do u mind get me a copy???

I guess this is just one boring entry from me. That's it. This is just an entry when I have nothing specific to blog about.
Have a nice day...


flush said...

i managed to make 2 experiments..
watch movie 1st, read book later..
then read book 1st, watch movie later..

after this i decide to watch the movie prior to read the book.. otherwise you'll get boring watching the movie.. (i'm not diehardfan HP either, just a movie lover)..

drNO said...

that's so true.
if i read the book first, then watch the movie, the movie will turn out to be unappealing. may be our imagination is greater than the movie. we imagine things while reading the books, and hoping that the movie will be as good.
this what happen with stephen king's movie. the novels are far better than the movies.
anyway in this case...
have to get 'harry potter and the deathly hollows'...:)

HLiza said...

Yeaayyy..I've watched Harry Potter movie..don't ask how..I've left the kids of course. My sis had ordered the book, so I tumpanglah nanti..

drNO said...

u've watched the movie??? really??
that's great. how was it? heard many reviews said that it's not as what they r hoping for.
nak buku jugak... :((

Dr Ezura said...

drNo have u bought ur harry potter book?heard about the price war?so from which shop did u buy?

drNO said...

bought mine last saturday.
thank u very much my beloved hubby :)

MamaFaMi said...

Managed to get the final novel of HP from Tesco without any hassle at all. No queue, nothing... infact, I didn't know they were selling that book that day until somebody told me, on my way out of Tesco! Lucky me huh?!

drNO said...

a'ah...same with me. got mine from TESCO. If kena berbaris pjg, mmg x beli la jawabnya.
kat tesco tu, aisle yg jual buku ni, x de org langsung.
Just finished reading mine.