Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wise Crack

I was bloghopping as usual, and found this very interesting entry.
Really, really have to share with all of you.
Thanks Sis Bee.

Medical Practitioners

The neurologist knows everything but does nothing
The surgeon knows nothing but does everything
The psychiatrist knows nothing and does nothing
The pathologist knows everything and does everything, but too late
And the anesthesiologist sits on a stool all day long and passes gas.


Loeb's Laws of Medicine
1. First of all, do no harm.
2. If what you are doing works, keep doing it.
3. If what you are doing doesn't work, quit doing it.
(He considered this to be a corollary of his first law)
4. If you don't know what to do, don't do anything_ (So now you understand!)
5. Above all, never let your patient fall into the hands of a surgeon (Remember that Dr. Loeb was an internist) (It's supposed to be funny; be sure to laugh).

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HLiza said...

Cute and funny..they're true anyway..don't you think?