Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Very Sweet Cupcakes- long due

Remember I posted this same photo last month, and promised that i'll write about it someday???
Well, this cupcakes were long gone (it's one month ago...:)), but I kept postponing on writing about it.
There's not much to write about. But the gest of it- is that it was the first time someone ordered cupcakes from me.
Before this, i've been baking and giving them out. I've made cupcakes for a cousin's son weddings, cupcakes for friends, next door neighbours and my hubby's colleague.
It's just my hobby and passion for baking. And since I have only 2 small kids who are surely couldn't finished everything up, my baking products would usually end up being given away to anyone that i could think off. ( you guys should be my neighbours...hehhehe).
So, someone ordered cupcakes for a birthday party in their office. How could I say not. I was so grateful, at least i felt my work are being appreciated...hahhahah.

I did some thinking and trying to come out with something original.
At last I came out with this pattern. The cupcakes are in 3 flavours (if I am not mistaken), plain vanilla, strawberry chip and chocolate chips. The pattern- a bouquet of roses. It was my first time of making full and half roses. Hopefully the flowers look good enough ( as I haven't gone to any baking/decorating class)- all are based on trial and error.

To you that ordered -thank you very much. Hopefully the cupcakes are delicious and beautiful enough. I am so happy I could brighten up that birthday party (am I? :))

p/s Happy belated birthday to you Datin

and Ayu (eventhough I don't know both of u personally) :)

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Anonymous said...

on behalf of datin n ayu...u r welcome & thank you very much for the lovely cupcakes ;) ;)