Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Durian Story

I was down with flu. Yes...I'm not well. Too much durians... :) (not to mention-the hot weather nowadays).
It's all started with a trip to my mum's durian orchard.
We went back to my kampung last Saturday. As we arrived, we can smelled durians from outside the gate. Once inside, my 'ever dearest' finished up one whole durian within 5minutes. Then another, and another.
By late afternoon, he complaint of headache. However, we still have an appointment with the 'durian' tree after Asar. So, he swallowed 2 PCM, and off we went to the orchard. It was a small orchard, used to be so large, but after my grandparents died, my mum and her other siblings had to divide it equally. So, it's not that big, but enough durians for us, and enough to make lots and lots of 'tempoyak' storage that will last until the next durian season.
I still remember, when I was still a kid, we used to go there every single year, without fail. my granddad would spent the nights there to gather all the durians before the 'wild animals' managed to grabbed it first.- either the tiny miny squirrel, the playful monkeys, and even tigers. (well-that's what he used to tell us-that tigers eat durians too)
During those days, we made a trip there ( me, my aunties and uncles, and my cousins), brought along 'pulut' and coconut milk for a feast of 'pulut durian'.
Once there, me and my cousins started collecting the durians, and we would compete who could gathered the most. By noon, we would sell 'our' own durians. The buyer would pay us as much as rm2 to rm5. What a great memory.
However, after my grandparents passed away, all that is not routine anymore. The cousins would prefer buying durians rather than go to the orchard.

Anyway, just to let my kids have the experience, I brought both of them to the orchard.
Dress them up nicely (but being a forgetful me- I didn't bring their shoes nor their longsleeves t-shirts). Laiqa wore her beautiful shoes, Umar and daddy were wearing their sandals, but... mummy brought her shoes, and her long sleeved t-shirt...hehehheheh. Sorry guys...didn't mean to pack only for me.
We had to drive for 10minutes from my parents' house, parked the car by a tobacco plantation, and walked another 10-15minutes through a rubber plantation and bushes.
We had to walk pass these.

Umar had a great time- collecting durians and fooling around. Laiqa...well...she's always not comfortable outside, especially in places like the orchard. Anyway, she'll get used, I hope.

The kids with 'atuk' and 'nenek'.

By 7pm, we started heading home.
And guess what??? Who was the one that was fully clothed with socks, shoes, long sleeves, etc, and who got bitten by 'pacat'?? Me...yes, it's me. D***, that s***** 'pacat'.

Sunday...we headed back home. I baked some durian cupcakes (will post the recipe next week). A friend came to visit, so, we served them 'pulut durian' what else...:)
By late evening....the flu bugs attacked... :((

This picture has nothing to do with this entry.


Dr Ezura said...

thanx, u get well soon as well ya...

nice meeting u thru the net...tell me more about; where u stay, work, etc...

so far i only tried the buttercream frosting...i like the sunflower cupcake...what nozzle u use to do that...?why ur icing is shiny?where do u buy ur baking stuffs and utencils..?sorry ek byk tanyer...

Sisbee said...

nice memories to pass down to ur kids,now they have memories of their own.

drNO said...

ezura- thanks...nice 'meeting' u too.

I get all my frosting recipes from the net and also a few from a friend (her personal collection-she is of much help). The deco- cuba2 je, reka2 and survey2. X penah blaja dgn sape2.

sunflower- guna nozzle for leaf, but slightly smaller.

icing shiny- depends on the recipe

baking utensils- jenuh mencari masa mula2 dulu.

if u want details- can u leave ur email address, i'll get back to u, insyallah.

sisbee- yup, isn't our childhood memories are the best. I doubt the kids could experience the same as we did long time ago. The world (in general) nowadays are far different from last time.

flush said...

1st time nyinggah sini..
sama la.. kat sini pun musim duyan.. skg sume tgh sakit tekak. panas sgt.. huhuhuh

HLiza said...

I pun nak tulis pasal durian weekend ni..this two weeks wherever I go work in Perak..dari Bota, Teluk Intan,Kampar, Gopeng..di mana-mana ada durian..rasa rugilak kalau tak beli..especially for my hubby and daughter. I can't eat more than 2 ulas..pening semacam..dah tua kot!
Kampung you kat mana?

CiK BaWaNg said...

waaaa pulut deroyannnn~~~ sedappnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ rindu kat kg..cik bawang pon penah sekali ikut g kebun durian..kutip durian dengan buah salak...seronok dan thrill... tetibe gedebuk.. durian jatuh kat sebelah... bak pulut deroyan skeeeett~

isleasy said...

heheee..kat seremban ni pun jenuh gak durian..taktau ape citer kat taiping, tak balik pun lagi..

anyway Dr NO, you're tagged! =P

Dr Ezura said...

hai drNo...

my email add

i buat frosting creamcheese baru2 ni..looks shining tp lembik and recipe at

ok, waiting for ur email...take care...

Anonymous said...

Weiii bak mai kat aku durian tu sikit...

From enemy down under

drNO said...

flush - welcome...welcome... kat parit tu mesti byk durian

hliza - di mana2 durian... :)) kampung kat lenggong

cik bawang - huhuuhuh...sian nya...nanti kita simpankan tempoyak sebalang

isleasy - taiping mesti berlambak2 jugak

drNO said...

ezura - buttercream or frosting recipe yang from negara yang sejuk kdg2 x brp sesuai in our country, sbb kat sini hot n humid. kena guna frosting yang can withstand yang guna shortening rather than butter.

boadd - hang kan nk blk bln dpn, mai la melantak durian. nak pos kan, x pasal kena confiscated lak