Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pirates of The Caribbean -sneak preview

I just love Pirates of The Caribbean, especially that cunning Captain Jack Sparrow. Can't wait for the third movie- Pirates Of the Caribbean-At World's End . Just a week plus more for the opening.
Haven't watched any movies since I had the baby. She's 2 years old now, so, plus minus, it must be two plus years since i've been to the last movie.
Before I got married, while I was still in medical college, watching movies were my weekly event. I have to. Just to release tension. Now, the best that I could watch any movies are from the DVD, which are way backdated. And I missed a lot of good story.
So, this time, I am still unsure whether I could watch the movie in the cinema or just have to wait for the DVD...:((

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HLiza said...

Oh you're a true Dr, macam isleasylah jugak. Maybe I've met you..I don't know. I like this movie too but with baby on my lap; movie is out..so I'll wait for the DVD.