Thursday, May 3, 2007

In A Quest For The Best Buttercream Frosting I

My first experienced with frosting cake goes a long way back. I made my first cake complete with frosting alone(without any help...:)), when I was 10 years old. I baked the cake for my cousin's daughter's birthday. I remember baking a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting with lettering on top of the cake. It was sure not the prettiest cake, but edible (we don't get stomach ache after eating it).

Then, I did make buttercream once or twice...but it's not to my liking. Too sweet for my sweet tooth.

But lately I have the 'calling' to make them again.
I found lots of buttercream recipes. All of them (I mean the owner of the recipe, not the recipe itself) claimed that their recipe is the best.
So, I visited the baking supply shop with pocket full of money, and get myself geared with all the tools and ingredients.
Thess are the pictures of the first buttercream recipe. My first buttercream cake decoration after 15-20years.
The taste of this...yucks...will never make them again.
The recipe...already in my laptop's trash.

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