Friday, May 18, 2007

Cupcakes For no Reason

I tried a new cupcake recipe yesterday. An eggless recipe. Which turn out fluffy, but not to my liking, so I won't post the recipe here. I just decorate them just for fun, with my two 'helpers' helping out. I turn around once to take something, and they already poking candles on the cupcakes. 2 candles- my son said it's for her sister which is 2 years old, and I didn't make any cupcakes on her birthday...


Euphoria said...

Hi noi, nice cupcakes! Mesti terror u masak ni..byk recipes..Anak2 u cutela, esp yg girl tu senyum comeii je..byk kerja2 oil n gas company kat sini..tryla suh ur hubs pergi kat . Can apply work there.

darthvadai said...

Very very nice cupcake came to my office today morning, I had the pleasure of devouring one. Thank you Doc.

Ps This comment was made with no pressure from Hubby (ahem)

booGie said...

Nice blog Noi, i think used to bloghopping here somewhere last year.
Pls visit my blog yeah.
Cakap kosong je. Membunuh masa dengan menulis Bahasa Melayu ;)